How to make two wires spark??

Me and my friends made a potato gun and we used a BBQ lighter to make a spark jump between to wires. But i have been trying to make a remote to make it shoot. Every thing works but to get a spark i have to touch the wires together but i need the spark to jump without touching the wires. Anyone know???

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Ian0111 years ago
Here's my idea for an ignitor. One switch is a safety, the other is the trigger. use 2 9V batteries in series. You can replace the switches with a transistor for microcontroller or remote triggering.
louisgoo Ian017 years ago
will 18volts make a spark???
this is way old but hell no lol you need upwards of 200v to make even a spark that can jump a tiny gap
Dr. No11 years ago
Use a transistor hooked up to the outputs on one of those electrified tennis rackets for killing bugs.
mikmkt93 Dr. No7 years ago
will u help me a little bit with that. i need a spark for a potato gun too. i have the bugzapper set up with just 2 wires sticking out of the end. what do i do with the transistor, what kind do i need and how does it work
Taost7 years ago
If you want a really good spark, you should buy one of those stun guns, or tasers, they give a 1 in spark and you could hook up the switch to a relay for the remote control. Just don't shock yourself:).
Mansheep228 years ago
Barbecues use a simplified version of this to ignite the flame. They use a piezoelectric crystal to generate an electric current, which jumps between two leads. If you don't want to cannibalize a grill, you can use a barbecue safety lighter and extend the leads, as long as you're not trying to ignite something like a match or kindling, but gas instead. I'm sure you could hook up a servo to the button if you really needed to...
I actually just made a profesh sparker, I might do an instructable on it. But here it is. I found an electric lighter in a gas station, and thought, "Hey! Why not harness this spark?" so i used up all the fuel and disassembled the lighter. I made basic circuit, with the push button still in the lighter, and wrapped the whole thing in electric tape (to look B.A). (I then station the ends of the wires about 2 mm apart wherever it is i need the spark (which will most likely be a waterbottle full of hydrogen) and click! Its pretty simple, and only costs you a lighter, and some long, thin wire if you want to be along way off from the ignition source.
WinkyNewman11 years ago
thats pretty noob you need 1000V to make a spart jump 1mm...
no you need 100v to jump 0.1 mm
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