How to make water from excessively humid air (using little energy) . Any ideas?

I was thinking of making some sort of machine that uses cooling coils to condense water from the air, seeing as to how humid it has been lately, but I want to do it using less energy than a dehumidifier that's on all the time and have it be more rugged so I can put it outside and maybe use it to water the garden. Any ideas?

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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Maybe you could use the cold water coming into your house to condense it. Just add a coil or some sort of radiator before your water heater. (would also save on your gas bill)
LinuxH4x0r, idea would make some distilled h2o. And if your going to try it. Pour salt in the flexible copper pipe before you bend it so you can bend it into nice loops before the water heater... (( the salt stops the pipe walls from collapsing when you bend it and it washes out nicer then sand ))
You can use two pieces of larger diameter pipe and a handy item such as a barrel for this though...
And you could also move it from the hot water heater input to just after your water meter after all you don't really need 4 deg water coming out of every tap in the house (( I don't think your allowed to mess with the plumbing before the meter Check with your city/ town, I have a well and no meter so I can it anywhere but I get enough water from the pressure tank to keep my VFT's happy ))
Oh I was just giving a nice easy way to bend the coils... I'm not really seeing the gains of doing this though...
I was just adding to where linuxH4x0r was suggesting you place it, I was thinking if you do some thing like water the grass how much hot water do you use ?? but if you use the incoming household supply you would generate more H2O on the coils ...
But in all honesty you'd need extreme amounts of humidity and cooling to make it work well, such humidity that I doubt you'd be worrying about the plants drying up... Also you'd have to have water running all the time...
We easily get 70% humidity in MN (64 right now)
I know but it's about the only way to do what was requested, with out using power, well other then power your already using, I get from a huge pressure tank enough to water three little plants.. and it's alot of work, and my well water is like 2 Degs C... And hydrnium.h2 could use a compressor / AC / refrigerator type system (( Sorry Nacho they are more efficient then a pelter, and pelter's that are not fully sealed will suffer from corrosion and fail quickly )) But yes they are easy to use so long as you use the right heat sinks )) I guess you could use a simple geothermal type system and run a few hundred feet of coils underground and pumping a coolant around the system and allowing it condense water, and then your only running a pump .....
I'd do it before the heater so you can have cold water
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