How to mount Peltier elements?

A peltier is a element that gets very hot on one side, and very cold on the other side. Cold enough (with enough power) to make frost all over it. So. I got one, I want to make nice cold cold air. I read wiki, if you don't heat sink it, it will self destroy. If I heatsink the cold side, then a fan on the heat sink to blow the cold freeze air, will it be fine? Or must I cool the hot side too? Peltiers are cool :D

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guillotine6 years ago
guillotine6 years ago
the heat sink is for the hot side.
the cooler you get the hot side the cooler the cool side will be.
Ml1234567 years ago
Hi does coolant or water work as a good heat sink on the cold side? M
A heat sink is a block of VERY flat metal to which you attach your cell. How you get rid of the heat thereafter is up to you. We've used air or chilled methanol or water, depending on circumstances.

I can't stress to much the importance of FLAT heatsinks.
yourcat8 years ago
You gotta sink both sides.
kalboon8 years ago
Hi i have a TEC also, what is the most efficiant way to heat sink for cooling? Have them both the same size or could i have a smaller one on the cold and a larger on the hot, would that make the cold side get colder?, or would the hot side over power it? im planning on mounting it so the cold side faces inside of a small insulated box i have, and i want it to get as cold as possible, its a 12v out of an old coleman TEC cooler, the inside dimentions of the box are 6 inch x 8 inch.any help would be awsome.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. All the Peltiers I've seen have heatsinks on both sides. On CPU/GPU coolers, it's the chip on the cold side. The Peltier itself may not require a heatsink on the cold side, but it will be more efficient with one. . As others have mentioned, the hot side heatsink will help prevent the Peltier from overheating. . . BTW, has anyone experimented with stacking Peltiers? Ie, mechanically in series.
I did wonder if that was possible, I wonder where you would get the most effieciency from on that score... it could be an intersting way to make a powerful cooling or heating device, I had an idea for a hot box with them, to make a kind of superheting box without burning anything, whether or not the peltiers would like this is another story...
Killa-X (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
I always wanted a peltier. I thought it be fun to make my own box, and be able to have a freezer. I saw a youtube video with one. The guy put a high 50V into it, and it was -5 degrees on the metal. wow
Hi, when a peltier unit has a max temperature difference of 70 degrees, does that mean that it won't generate more than that difference, or that if you allow it to go over that difference it will break?
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