How to open a new soda/pop machine

ok i have learned a new bit of info of how to open the new soda machines you know the ones that dont take the new is by remote...i got the info straight from the source (the guy who was refilling one) i thought you would all love to know this...and if you can do more(like make the remote that will open them...) post them here...with the instructable of course...

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bbqbill1 year ago

and this is why I post cameras near my machines, because people have nothing better to do than to use their good intelliegnce to plan to steal from others.

AlexK1251 year ago

I have a whole project put together called the hacking remote, it will be able to send a signal to any IR reciever and work so when this is done i will post a link to the project and i will start making these on a kickstarter remeber they hack (Television, Xbox, Playstation, Vending Machines, Phones with IR or Radio Reciever, and even Remote Control Devices) and i am already thinking of HackRC 2.0 it will have a voice communication for devices that support recieving voice over radio waves and yea its gonna be cool you could even have cameras hacked so it they are wireless you can hack them and the HackRC will have a screen

its nit called the hacking remote its called HackRC

HamO10 years ago
And why would we want to be able to open a soda/pop machine?
girrrrrrr2 (author)  HamO10 years ago
free soda!!!
HamO girrrrrrr210 years ago
free as in Stealing! As in theft, as in breaking the law. In Texas this would be Burglary of a Coin operated machine. a FELONY as in go to PRISON. Yeah that's free soda.
bamfsob HamO5 years ago
oh no now im scared! :0
if someone takes the risk of opening a pop machine then they could carry the responsibility of punishment IF they get caught
Don't get your undies in a bundle big boy
girrrrrrr2 (author)  HamO10 years ago
yes you can go to jail or you can mess with the machine and make it so you get a good "deal" on them...
HamO girrrrrrr210 years ago
Yeah "get a good deal' .... still means stealing, theft, cheating someone out of their goods. You just want some else to pay for you to enjoy something that doesn't belong to you. Lovely world isn't it?
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