How to post an instructable

Whenever I want to post an instructable I can't go anywhere from the save and add first step.. What happened??

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I'm also wondering
Make sure you are trying to create a step-by-step, and not a photo instructable.

Photo instructables only have one step, for you to show off something you made but don't have "in process" photos to use in a step-by-step.
Bio plant4 years ago
lebowski8 years ago
omnibot8 years ago
Have I gone completely blind? How do I actually post a new instructable? Where is the button? I can't find it.
Marcos omnibot8 years ago
It has gotten a little hard to find these days. The key word is, '''Submit'''

It's hidden in plain view, no longer a button, but just another link, at the top, right-hand corner, second line down, right next to the search box.

Attn: Instructables Staff- a nice feature would be to have a Submit new Instructable button in the "you" section, published and unpublished. If it's right under my nose, I've missed it completely.

omnibot Marcos8 years ago
Yep .. I found it eventually. And the word is POST NOT SUBMIT!
110100101108 years ago
afaik the site is a bit broken and works well only in firefox
Um, it's probably fixed by now...5 months later...
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