How to power a brushless motor

How can i power a motor like this (with 3 pins) just to max speed? it's for a propeller clock. thanks

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Qcks2 years ago

Actually... judging by the TKC S957 number that we can just barely see, this is probably a hard drive motor (googling the number brings up an entry by teledyne solderless connectors, used in hard drives).
Hard drives have Brushless DC motors, so, as the OP stated, that's probably what he's poking at.
If this is a Brushless DC motor scrapped from a hard drive that would explain why there is 3 prongs, instead of 2. Hard drives have to be able to turn their motor on, and off. A brushless DC motor has serious issues starting and stopping. To get around this, Hard drive motors have the ability to modulate the current going into, and out of the circuit, though i don't know exactly how the current is being switched or when.

There's... actually quite a bit of stuff about this on the net.... let me throw up some links...


That sounds like a stepper motor.

You need a stepper motor driver.