How to roll a building

If you want to move a building a little over to the side and, oh, upside-down, then it looks like all you have to do is set off explosives on just one side. That's what it looks like what happened in this video in Turkey, anyway. Wish it also included what led up to this amazing building barrel roll.

Picture of How to roll a building
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viper300008 years ago
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
Do the barrel-barrel roll!
DebH578 years ago
Thats pretty amazing
qballcat8 years ago
i read there was no explosives involved, chuck norris round housed kicked the support beams to the face, the reason it building didnt go flying was chuck was feeling merciful that day
chuck had lent on the wall on the other side
ah yes iread the same
Matt214978 years ago
Rick Rolld.jpg
Goodhart8 years ago
I suppose one can not say that Rick did this? ;-)
Secondary: In the days of vinyl, it was amusing to find that slowed-down (45 to 33rpm) Kylie sounded exactly like Rick Astley... L
That's one of the best things I've ever heard.
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