How to see Filenames in "View by file type" - and how to "Search" Library

When I am putting in an Instructable, by default I see one row of pics at the bottom and they have the "Filename" listed under each. BUT it is not really the filename becaus it include the full path, and is cut off after a few chracters. So for example, if my first pic is: c:\Instructables\TubeLamp\Pic1.jpg" Under the pic all I see is: c:\Instructab - so how in the world can I view the filenames ?? Also - although I can do a search while in Library View, for some reason they removed that when you REALLY need it, which is when you are trying to find the right pic to add to a step in your Instructable. There simply is no Search button or Link.

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NachoMahma10 years ago
. Hover over the image. When I do, I get a nice popup with the full path and more.