How to set a long lasting single LED unit?

Hey guys! I need help to extend the battery life to power a single 5mm red LED that will be left on 24/7. My set up is very simple. Just a battery holder with 2 AAA and the LED attached to the terminals. It is supposed to be visible inside the ceiling fixture for Feng Shui purposes (don't ask, I just follow). So far it hasn't lasted for more than three days tops. Its supposed to be able to fit in a tight space just enough to fit the battery holder. I need to make 3 of these for 3 locations so I don't think rechargeable batteries can be practical. Can you guys give me advise on this? I hope you guys can help. Thanks in advance!

PKM9 years ago
1) Use larger batteries (D cells hold many times to power of an AAA) 2) Build a joule thief 3) Wire the LEDs to a wall transformer and never have to change batteries I'm sorry, I have to ask- why does feng shui dictate that you have to have red LEDs in your ceiling? I stop following feng shui when it deviates from being the art of creating a harmonious arrangement of your living space to seemingly arbitrary requirements- I'm enough of a pragmatist that I would just think "why did I put that there?" every time I saw the LEDs and it would detract from the benefit too much...
peachlover (author)  PKM9 years ago
Thanks for the advice. As for the Feng Shui it doesn't have to be LEDs but there has to be a red light at a high place at those locations. Since I got lucky that there happened to be a light fixtures at those locations, I just thought to reduce the visibility of the device and integrate it into the existing fixtures. The Feng Shui master that arranged my place was actually quite practical and explained quite a bit. He is more of augmenting things around you to bring better luck and health than to change yourself and your surroundings to fit a specific pattern. He said that those red lights at those areas will reduce or eliminate bad talk about you from people outside your family. He said that putting those lights there will improve the flow of qi and bring about the above benefit.
westfw9 years ago
As a first effort, you can add a series resistor. The LED might be (WILL be) dimmer, but the batteries will last longer...
NachoMahma9 years ago
. A Joule thief should help.