How to sew leather handlebars ?

Anyone knows how to hand sew leather handlebars ? I'd be glad if someone could post an 'ible about it. Thanks.

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stewardmike9 years ago
I start at the top of the bar nearest the stem or neck. As you would lace a shoe, start the first stitch across the two first holes. Cross lace as you do a shoe pulling very tightly as you go. The leather will stretch and pull closed. Keep moving this way until you reach the levers if can stitch around them or cut a small hole opposite the stitches. Lace an inch or so PAST the end of the bar. Tuck the remaining leather into the bar and plug as you would normally.
lordofthedonuts (author)  stewardmike9 years ago
PS: if the "thread" as it were, is flat, keep it from twisting as best as you can (you'll have to turn it with each go around the bars to do this).
suturb6 years ago
another question: do you wet the leather before (to give it more stretch)? And what type of wire do you stitch with? with leather shoelaces, or other wire?