How to skateboard

Some of us should post lessons on how to skateboard because there is none on this site (i think). People could teach others by pictures or videos step by step on how to skateboard. Like tips and tricks. Also we could start at like basics like how to turn and stop. Then have some tricks like how to ollie and kickflip.

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bil04ogn3 years ago
Firstly you have just bought your first skateboard and you're ready to figure the thing out. By this time, you should be familiar with all of the pieces of a skate setup(trucks, wheel, bearings and deck) and the other gear that will keep you safe while riding(pads, helmet and proper clothes).
Ready to ride? Let's take a look at some of the basics.
themoose644 years ago
skateboarding isnt something you can just learn through instructables. you are going to need some one who skateboards to teach you in person.
REDNEK7778 years ago
i skate and i am relly good (sorry for braging) yesterday i nalled a 180 heal flip over a 5 set.
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levator8 years ago
any1 know how to do a helicopter??????? i need help w/ that
I've skated for about three and a half years, and I know how to skate pools, ditches, and halfpipes pretty well, and I know some free-style tricks and the simple flips. If I can come up with a way to teach pumping and carving over the internet, I'll help out. Plus I know a little about making decks and graphics, maintenance, and good equipment reccommendations.
Hi all. I have a question for all of you. Ok I'm now in my thirties, almost near the end of them, but am in relatively good shape still, don't look as old as I am they say. I skated a bit younger, never very good. Now my 11 yr old son skates pretty fine for his age, and I've been craving to get back into it. Mainly at an indoor skate park, and what i really want to do is the bowl. Nothing outrageous, but just like surfing as a kid (not very good either, too far from the coast, but vaguely ok). With all of the protections in place, namely helmet and wrist guards (I'm a musician and need my hands) does this sound crazy to try skating again as an adult?? And no longer 20 something?? Any anecdotes would be appreciated, though I'm going to do it anyway cheers
I just turned 46 last week and want the same. Never skated as a kid though. Been skating with my 7 year old son for about 6 months at parks now - I learn at about 1/3 his speed:) I'm not a 'couch potato' but not in really great shape either. Just learned to drop in on miniramps a couple of weeks ago - the bowl is next! Take it at your pace and don't let your kid pick on you:)
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  scottsvibe8 years ago
My dad had skateboarding down for a while and he was in his forties!
That'd be kinda cool.
mikesty9 years ago
I tried to skateboard, but I'm just atrocious. This was all about five or six years ago though. I tried the other night and forget trying to ollie, I can barely ride the thing. I'm just missing balance skillz.
Don't worry about the ollie. I didn't learn for almost two years. Get the basics of riding around and balancing first, and then one day you'll get ollie enlightenment.
It's been like six years though. I actually have determined over the past six years that I am indeed mentally retarded.
me too. i cant even ride the things without falling off. so no skateboarding for me. i do like to watch people who are good at it though.
xXMnMXx9 years ago
i can do tons of stuff like heelflip, shuvit, bs boardslide, fs and bs 180, cavemans, 50-50's, and a bunch of other stuff. just lettin you guys know incase you needs more helpers.
zero09289 years ago
I dont think this will be very helpfull cuz well to skateboard you cant learn out of books n stuff u need a hands on and perserveirence to skateboard but you can try to make how to start skateboarding: like what to buy where to start tricks n stuff
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  zero09289 years ago
Thats partly true,you do need hands on but you could also save a whole bunch of people time by telling them the correct foot positions, how to stop, and so on.
kwalian9 years ago
I am interested in learning how to skateboard, but I do not know how to choose a skateboard. Any advice? Note: I am also looking to spend ~$50
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  kwalian9 years ago
Well, you could go to Walmart or Target and get a pretty good skateboard for about $50. Or you could go to any local skate shop and buy one. Thats what i did, they are exellent skateboards and will last a long time, but they will most likely cost over $100.
i could probably post a video on youtube on how to do ollies, pop shuvits, and dropping in and some other stuff, i'll take some recomendations on what tricks to do.
TeacherOfTheWays (author) 9 years ago
Alright i am filming a vid right now on just the basics. Like starting off and turning. Then we can go to ollie and other stuff. Ok.
Zujus9 years ago
How long you 2 are skatebording ?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  Zujus9 years ago
Well, ive been skateboarding for 7 years. But bobbyk881, joined to learn how to skateboard. How long have you been skateboarding?
well i learn from brother 3-4 years ago. he babby sat me when i came home and he had the skate boards so i am going to have to buy a skate board.
6-7 years :) but i live in Lithuania. I skate only in summer. :) When i started skate there was no one who really skatboarded in my town. No advice, no pros... No one shoved how to do something. I learned everything by my self. From olie to immposible. :) I like oldschool and freestyle tricks. :)
TeacherOfTheWays (author) 9 years ago
You all should join my group! I hopefully am going to post, how to skateboard the basics, soon.
Moorecool9 years ago
Iv'e been skateboarding for 4 weeks and it's alot of fun but still dangerous. Eswolowski taught me how to skate... It's fun but i'm still only at the basic stages
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  Moorecool9 years ago
whats up moorecool!!!!! I dident know you got an instructabls!!!
PetervG9 years ago
Aha, a perfect thing that I could do. I love to longboard.
I've been skateboarding for a while now (6-7 years) and can't get past the simple tricks (shove it, kickflips, etc) I built myself a halfpipe and some sweet rails. I'll post the rails (halfpipe wasn't my own plans) and teach how to boardslide, if you want.
Cool, thanks.
bobbyk8819 years ago
i baiscly do healys9 how ever you spell it) but i do want to learn skateboard.
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  bobbyk8819 years ago
Well then check out my next forum!