How to soider wires to a motherboard

how do you soider wires to a motherboard. I need help and don`t know how to keep it all togeather.

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ll.139 years ago
tech-king ll.139 years ago

do not use that guide! it will ruin your motherboard

a motherboard, unlike a pcb, has upwards of 7 layers of trace. this is obviously a problem, seeing as you cannot solder the conventional way to the middle layers. unless the part is a smt, here is the procedure for soldering through hole components to a multilayer trace board:
1) heat up the soldering iron
2) tin the leads on 2 wires. you cannot solder directly to the mainboard with components
3) heat the tinned leads until the solder melts
4) very quickly, insert the leads and hold until the solder cools. repeat.

this system allows the wires to solder themselves to the silver trace inside the board, something that an iron cannot to. good luck.
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Hark, he speaketh. ;-)
tech-king ll.139 years ago
ll.13 tech-king9 years ago
Your knowledge of soldering = 100*mine. =)
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ohh. okay.