How to solve multiple maths operation using Digital roots

Hello all,

I have a question.

(560 / 32 )x (720 / 48 )= ?

a) 262.5 b) 255 c)  263.5 d) 271.25

Is there any way to get correct answer using any shortcut or digital roots? I want to do it fast


Ever heard of Trachtenburg's methods ?
kelseymh6 years ago
I would cancel out as many factors as possible (560 = 8 x 70, 32 = 8 x 4, so you can write that first term as 70/4, or even 35/2) so that you're dealing with small numbers. If you can't divide by two or by three quickly (in your head), then you need to go and practice that.
Kiteman6 years ago