How to split a video image into four?

I've been trying to think if there is a way to split a video image into four or more parts (like split-screen) so that each part can be displayed on a separate screen. With this, I was hoping to make a big screen from several smaller LCD monitors which could also be split up for some gaming. In my head I've figured that the easiest would be to run through a computer or shuttle in which the programme could split an image into separate channels, and then have as many out ports from the shuttle to each of the screens. Essentially what I'm asking is if anyone has done this before and if so, how please?

gmjhowe8 years ago
Your best bet would be for a 'dual header' which is a piece of tech that can effectivly turn 2-4 screens into 1 screen (as windows sees it)
chiok (author)  gmjhowe8 years ago
I can't believe I forgot all about the multiple screen facility for desktops. Guess it's just a matter of finding a powerful enough graphics card and the right ports. I wanted to see if LCD monitors could be stripped down so they nested closer together and create less of a "window pane" effect. Then it's just a matter of Mario Kart.
gmjhowe chiok8 years ago
There is a piece of kit, that plugs in seperatly, effectivly tricks the computer into seeing 4 monitors as one big monitor, so as long as your pc can run 3000 x3000 odd pixels.