How to stop automatic renewal of pro membership?

The family member who signed up for this and enjoyed it has passed away.  Just received an email saying it has been renewed for another year.  Could I please get my money back or at least have the membership stop after this one?  Thanks you so much for the enjoyment Jim got from all of the creative ideas.

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sharkymul5 years ago
This seems like a great service but I have not used it at all since I signed up. Please cancel my membership immediately and if possible refund me the money taking for this month.
Thank you very much,
Please email with your request.
mikeasaurus5 years ago
It's easy, just email and let us know!
Kiteman5 years ago
You need to email and explain the situation.  They will tell you what you need to do, or maybe even do it for you.

In the meantime, on behalf of the whole community, please accept our condolences for your family's loss.  It is always sad to lose a member of the site, whatever the reason.

If you need any further help, please reply to this comment or send me a PM.

MizSteaks (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Thanks you, Kiteman. I did as you suggested and I see 3 emails from Instructables in my in-box. Thanks you also for the condolences. Jimmy got so much enjoyment from this site...I miss him!
Of course you miss him, that's part of the deal.

I'm not suggesting that we could in any way replace what you have lost, but please remember that you are very welcome to use and enjoy the site yourself - we're friendly folk, and there's usually somebody around to chat.
If you log in, you should also be able to cancel the renewal from this link:

If you want money back, Kiteman is right, you do need to email service.