How to take good pictures in fading light 'ible request

Here in England the light fades fast and i cant take instructable photos after about 5:30 pm because they look dark and crappy. Does anyone know of a cheap way to replicate natural-ish light, like a soft glow not a big glare Thanks :P (like the picture below, its too dark)

Picture of How to take good pictures in fading light 'ible request
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Rishnai9 years ago
Part of the problem is lightmetering. A lot of digital cameras fail at lightmetering properly, and especially matching the automatic ISO with the exposure and conditions. Does your camera have an option for manual settings? That would be the thing to do. I can elaborate from there if you like, but I don't know how I'm going to take pictures of the back side of my digital camera...
=SMART= (author)  Rishnai9 years ago
Yea my camera has a manual setting and i can change the ISO so ill try that, Thanks :P
Rishnai =SMART=9 years ago
Let me know how that goes. Youl have to make the aperature bigger (make the f-number smaller) also.
gmjhowe9 years ago
I am also uk based. You best bet would be one of those clip on 'workmans' lights.
=SMART= (author)  gmjhowe9 years ago
my dad has one, ill use it for my next instructable :P
bumpus9 years ago
Set up a lamp about 10 feet behind the camera.. That should simulate a window.... I think.. :D
=SMART= (author)  bumpus9 years ago
yea i tried that, it makes my body and my camera cast a shadow over the progect :( Thanks though
bumpus =SMART=9 years ago
Hold it over head.. Roof window?
=SMART= (author)  bumpus9 years ago
lol yea, i dont have a roof window but i suppose i could make a rig that holds a low voltage light over my head
bumpus =SMART=9 years ago
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