How to turn the attention to the updated instructable?

How can I turn the attention to my old instructable after I made an important update to it? Is "promotion" feature on the profile page works this way?

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Kiteman9 months ago

Yes, you can put it in the promoted section of your page, but I wouldn't bother adding "updated" to the title.

You should also consider using social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr) - just promote it as if it were new, or "Here's one from the archives that I've updated".

Waldemar Sha (author)  Kiteman9 months ago

Ok, thanks.

Waldemar Sha (author) 9 months ago

It is about this one I've already added "update" notification to the title, and changed thumbanail, but I was wandering if there's something more to it I can do. I gues not though.

No need for the date. Just write "updated"

Waldemar Sha (author)  Yonatan249 months ago

I got it. I included date fot this onr because I'm planing at least one more update.

Yonatan249 months ago

Which one?

I guess you could do that. If it's How to Deal With a Sudden Loss of Your Favorite Printer at Your Workplace, (one of my favorite I'bles), you could add (UPDATED!) to the end of the title. Just make sure to keep it short enough...