How to use Fiber Optics?

I am making a super-discreet earpiece/IEM that is intended for any use where you feel bored, where you are not supposed to use electronic devices. Meetings, lectures, classrooms, etc.

Basically, it's a 3.5mm jack wired to a Balanced Armature driver. Essentially, I remove the big, thick and bulky housings of earpieces and leaving the smaller drivers in place.

I've been using thin copper cables in the earpieces I buy. They work, but are still visible. I found that optical cables are near invisible, glass-like. I intend to wire them into my earpieces.

So, do I require lots of circuits? I can do those, if they don't poke a black hole in my wallet. No more than USD100, if entirely possible. 

I just want to know how to change electricity into light and back again, and allow for audio transfer from MP3 player to earpiece drivers.

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WSN20142 years ago
Wondering why we found fiber optic cable within a discreet area of the door providing entree nice to our home?

PS appears to be tiny nodes or super small beeds every 6 inches.

Also found this stuff under the carpet...???

Any takers on wtf this stuff is...
Any pics? Where does the cable lead to? Did you pull on it?
Yes just took pics, not sure where cable leads to so tiny and delicate did not want to pull on it
Are you in a rental or your own house? Is it a special lighting effect from previous owners?
Bought new it's our own home
It doesn't look like a communication fiber optic cable strand since that wouldn't usually be are without insulation and as a single bare strand. You also say it runs under the carpet and I guess it doesn't run out of the door. Maybe it is just some support wire for the door when they paint or electrocoat the metal door frame? I guess if you are really paranoid, you can take the door apart and trace all the loose cables. Good luck.
It disappears into the door, could try pulling on it I guess...it's also under the carpeting
Just posted pics

I hope it's not the bad guys home monitoring, I had a key role in a 24million dollar lawsuit :(
WSN2014 WSN20142 years ago
Pics of door with fifer optics?
WSN2014 WSN20142 years ago
More pics of door
WSN2014 WSN20142 years ago
How do we add pictures from iPad or iPhone?
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Kiteman2 years ago
You can send a sound signal to your light source, say a laser pointer or an LED, which modulates the light, then use a photo cell or photo transistor to pick up the light and turn it back into sound.

Your problem then is that the receiver needs its own power supply, and circuitry to decode the light signal. It will end up far, far larger than a stripped-down ear-bud.

Be aware, though, that your intended use could get you in a lot of trouble whdn (not "if") you are caught. That could involve everything from detention, through exam failure and your permanent record showing you as a cheat, right up to dismissal from your job.