How to "vajazzle" the vulva with crystals?


Looking for how-to on decorating the vulva with crystals a la Jennifer Love Hewitt and Completely Bare Spa.


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Biggsy6 years ago
Are you kidding me? What the hell is the world coming to... i'm almost peeing myself laughing at this... hehehehe
wocket7 years ago
it's not such a great idea. crystals are mineral based and if any make their way to those internal and sensitive areas hey could become embedded. there's some extensive research on why you should never use talc down there if your a girl (dramatically increased risk of cervical and other cancers). I imagine putting bigger insoluble rocks (those tiny crystals) or even glitter  would cause a similar issue.
Monad017 years ago
Have a look at what men are saying about the vajazzle craze!!
What kiteman said makes sense, there are a variety of body adhesives you could acquire at costume shops or the like, experiment caerfully with them, since the whole areas's sensitive
Oh and vajazzle is a hilarious word...
My aunt says (or said) Vajaja.
She and every issue of Cosmo ever.
I know Cosmo' as Cosmo', but I also know Cosmo as Cosmo (one of these puppet characters)

I wouldn't know. Never read Cosmo.
 And every episode of Oprah.
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