How widespread is the knex communtity in the REAL world?

On the internet, it seems every knexer out there is like in the same neighborhood. But really, how far away are we? Post your country!
NYPA-New york
shadowninja31-Washington (state)
DJ Radio- Louisiana
knex_lover-Washington (State)
cj81499-New York
I_Am_Canadian-Manitoba ( Duh)
United Kingdom ( do they have states or provences?)
The Jamalan
knex gun builder
agent harmsy

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TheDunkis7 years ago
Minnesota w00t
What city?
Nah kidding. Marshall. Ever heard or eaten food from Schwans? (not even sure if I spelled it right) Basically the headquarters is in Marshall. That's about the only thing special about it. It's just a town but it has mostly everything you would need, 'cept of course for stylish clothing which is 1.5 hours away.
Speaking of Marshall, have you heard of Marshall Mathers or his cooler alias?
marshall mathers aka EMIN3M rules
The ice cream?
Yeah they make ice cream but they also make Red Baron and Tony's Pizzas and a couple other products I'm not too sure about. Most of them have the name on it so yeah. I find it rather interesting how such a modest town contains the HQ of a huge business. It's what keeps the economy decent in our town. I swear all we need is a Sam's Club and a couple of clothing stores (a gamestop wouldn't hurt either) and we'd be a mini city and set for life.
lol. I never knew they made pizzas. I like Home Run Inn's frozen ones though.
travw TheDunkis7 years ago
WE GET SO MUCH SCHWANS. We have a freezer literally, literally, packed full of it. And yeah, I'm not sure how to spell it. Maybe it's two N's...
knex mad7 years ago
only 3 people are from england including me =)
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