How would you convert a nice stack of dice into an art piece?

Hello Community!
Sice you are the most creative people I know I think you'll be able to help me:
I used to collect dice and I have a nice stack of them. I'd like to turn them into a piece of art without destroying them but I don't know what would look nice on my wall.
Any ideas?

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rumpells1 year ago


I have actually seen it turned into jewelry.

Geli12 (author)  renewalof481 year ago

yeah, it is a popular iten in jewelerry plus I own a hella lot scrap boardgame paws, whatya think, would I be able to like turn them into jewelerry and post it on Etsy?

Egret03 Geli121 year ago

that sounds like a great idea

Yes, I have seen people make jewlery out of them & wall scuplture comes to mind. send me a picture of the dice, or on this page.

lgooms1 year ago

Clean out a long fluorescent bulb and put them in the glass tube. Run a strand of mini LEDs through it to light them up.

Geli12 (author)  lgooms1 year ago

I like this one really much! what do you think, is it hard to remove the "cloudyness" of the bulb and is it hard to obtain a worn out one?

lgooms Geli121 year ago

I've cleaned out one of these bulbs before and the white frost is some kind of powder coating that washes right out. Maybe check a thrift store for an old under counter mount light. It's likely to still have the bulb in it.

MissionSRX1 year ago

Instead of a shelf, could you make a very shallow shadowbox? It'd be like a picture frame but with 1/2" of space between the glass and the back.

Geli12 (author)  MissionSRX1 year ago

yeah that was my idea, too but I had to realize my dice are soo fdirrecent in size & shape it'd probably end up looking bad. But maybe should I do this with a portion of them? Will think about it!

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