Howdy! (No I don't live down south)

Anyone got something that goes boom! Post it. Got something that burns limbs off? Post it. Do not post if it is illegal. Do not post it if you died tring it(how that works I don't know).

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i think illegal things SHOULD be posted but tried at your own risk
i agree totally
nfk118 years ago
how a napalm hidrolic acid bomb just do same thin and fome peanuts
hydrochloric acid bomb

Real easy to make.

Fill a coke bottle 1/3 with hydrochloric acid (I am talking about the very low concentrated version btw ;) ) Then add a prop of tinfoil, quickly close the bottle and throw away.

Then run to a safe distance and wait t'ill it explodes. You should see a nice smokescreen and hear a loud bang.

Disclaimer: Hydrochloric acid is extremely dangerous do NOT throw it at somebody else. Do not let the bomb explode near somebody or near animals. Do never go back if the bomb didn't explode! I take no responsibility to what you do with this information.

nfk118 years ago
napalm.its easy to make.just get an emty beer bottle.fill it with oil and foam peanuts.that can  melt your whole body.and its ileagle(unless you live in the country.not me)
Tombini9 years ago
If you make flash candy... It is almost identical to gunpowder, mixed with a cardboard container...
Kiteman10 years ago
Nobody's given you a boom, so I've given you a really loud bang.

Will that be OK to start you off?
Top Dog (author) 10 years ago
That is true, well, post it anyway then.
Lftndbt10 years ago
If it goes *BooM* or could burn limbs off...
The it's most probably illegal..