How's that iRobot project going?

So, hows the project coming? I hit a snag--my Chumby died. But how is everyone else's project going? I tried to get this to be in the iRobot group, but it didn't work...

Individual components of mine are all working as they should. However, integration of some of them are causing me grief. My laptop died a couple weeks ago and its been hell trying to get everything coded on a borrowed computer. It's been a terrible demonstration of every last one of Murphy's Laws. What's been tougher for most of you? Hardware issues or software?
zachninme (author)  Weissensteinburg7 years ago
So you strapped a Tony the tiger doll to it? Thats anti-Grrrrrreat!!
Actually, I attached a seat to the top, and put Tony in it.
zachninme (author)  Weissensteinburg7 years ago
Ah, that is Grrrrrreat!.