Huge, Multi-touch Missile Command Redefines Awesome

A wall-sized multi-touch and multiplayer version of Missile Command? Sign me up!

via Engadget

Picture of Huge, Multi-touch Missile Command Redefines Awesome
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Patrik9 years ago
These guys got Waaaayy too much firepower! :-D
Whoa. That's insane! Although... it looks more fun to play with the display than to actually play the game. I'd say this is the ultimate cheat.
Ghostpilot9 years ago
That kind of reminds me about a multi-touch pong game I saw on the Technical Fair in Stockholm 2007. It was the Natural User Interface group (NUI-group) who had their prototype multi touch solution (called the NUI-box) on display for visitors to play with. That Missile Command game has high impress factor, but I wonder if you wouldn't get very tired of playing after just a little while. Anyway, it's nice to see new grips on old classics. I predict that we'll see more and more games make comebacks in new shiny multi-touch clothes.
Goodhart9 years ago
Kind of reminds me of the "interactive fireworks display" I have seen a few times online. Where you pick where they are to go and such? Of course, that is just one at a time and this is much more spectacular in appearance.
SVNature9 years ago
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
lamedust9 years ago
Holy crap, that thing is sweet. These oldschool/newschool remixes are really shredding my nostalgia nerve like VanHalen in a basement. First instinct: let's make one! ; D