Human Electric Hybrid Vehicle

The HE Human Electric Hybrid Vehicle

It looks like an interesting concept car. Although, it might be hard to find somebody who wants to pedal it. I really like the solar panels on top, and how on the downhill, it charges a capacitor for energy.

This HE Human Electric Hybrid Vehicle concept uses the power of your muscles as well electricity stored in the batteries. It allows smooth and constant velocity both uphill (with the help of the electric motor), as well as downhill (when the wheel acts as a generator and charges the batteries). The vehicle can turn 360 degrees maintaining stability all the time. Additional power is acquired from photovoltaic placed on top of the vehicle as well as during de-acceleration from regenerative braking. Elderly and handicapped people that are unable to provide enough kinetic energy can also charge the batteries directly from the grid.

Picture of Human Electric Hybrid Vehicle
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PKM9 years ago
It's GlaDOS! Well, apart from the fact that human-electric hybrids have been around for ages, monowheels are a stupid idea (I know this isn't quite a monowheel but it may as well be) and there are never going to be dedicated charging stations for just one particular electric vehicle, it's a nice thought :) I'd much rather see a decent production hybrid electric recumbent bike that doesn't cost as much as a second hand car, but until then I'll have to keep dreaming (or build my own).
potofgold PKM9 years ago
ravenc839 years ago
we will never stop world hunger until people that are hungry stop having kids. and as far as disease goes, the simplest way to cure them is to remove the people infected from the population. unwanted children are the direct cause to many of the worlds problems. people need to know what birth control is and how to use it. once we no longer have unwanted children, the rest will take care of itself. but otherwise nice concept. lets try to make a hybrid version of a semi soon.
ok i have to be honest. i dont get why we always need some sort of assistance to do things. man has lived using human power for thousands of years. this society needs to get off there @$$ and walk or ride a bike somewhere for a change. even tho this is partly human powered, we should forget about researching this. why? simple, because it something better already exists. a bike, better yet, your own body!
Laziness is the mother of invention. lol. Still, it looks like a neat idea, and it's not always easy to maintain speed on the uphill. At least it's green.
like the video mentioned.. what about the elderly and disabled?
forgot to say the money could be better spent, lets say on ending world hunger, curing disease, ect.
Argon279 years ago
The concept is pretty cool, but that voice is really annoying!
LuisWalker9 years ago
I love the Design and the idea. i hope somebody will make a working model one day. i bet it would be real fun to drive.
chaveza949 years ago
nice spelling
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