Humans vs. Machines: Foosball

First, Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov; now, computer dominance has extended beyond chess to the world of foosball. Students from University of Adelaide in Australia created this autonomous foosball table that seems capable of beating human challengers. Of course, if any of the engineers want a break to play a game of foosball, they're going to lose to their own creation.

Link via Gizmodo

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11orem9 years ago
but adelaides still a hole Melbourne ;)
11orem9 years ago
australia rules yay
I could so beat that!
I doubt has the ability to move quickly, accurately, and all of it's players at the same time.
He's good...but I'm better!

(free cookie if you can guess where that's from!)
Star Wolf says that in Star Fox 64. I believe on the snow level, level 3. But possibly on Venom when they all have fancy ships, before you fight Andross.
Not even close! (hint: Tom Hanks and Tim Allen)
Toy Story?
Toy Story 2?
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