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Hi everybody i was wondering if you could give me some tips on hunting foxes because i just bought a 55 IB recurve bow and the dam fox has killed 2 of our ducks and i want to take it DOWN, i know a bit about hunting, like using camo, tree stands, traps and so on, could u all please help me to kill this fox. thanks for the help

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Boowiggins7 years ago
Have you gotten it yet? IF not then I definitely do not recommend using fox urine in close proximity to your duck area - It'll draw out your fox... but it might draw them all too. Oh, I should've asked how many tails it has!
It's been almost three years since their last post, I think the fox got them.
maxreif7 years ago
but some meat out in the open and sit in a tree but still look at the meat and get redy and put it in the light
maxreif7 years ago
i live in oz crocs can get killed with a bow it is ezy just shoot it in the eye
KentsOkay10 years ago
Check laws Check reliability of hunting equipment DONT HUNT ANYTHING WITH BIG TEETH (AUS LAND FULL OF EM) OR THAT IS BIGGER THAN YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Lftndbt KentsOkay10 years ago
Yeah like those koala's (we call them drop bear's, because they are sneaky and like to attack from above).. And don't be fooled by possum's either... Body of a squirrel and as dangerous as a great white! ROFLOL.... Are you from Aus RS?? What exactly has big teeth? A croc? That's all i can think of... And you wouldn't hunt a croc with a bow as it wouldn't even feel the arrow, that's if it got through it's scales... Sorry you just made me LMAO! Good show! ;)
ROFLOLOMGFTWBBQ! Wait, what? Seriously, the above two comments gave me a laugh. -PKT
I live in suburban Australia, it was just humouros to me to think of all our big teethed animals...
ledzep567 Lftndbt10 years ago
BS ,we hunt alligator in the south with bows. If you shoot it in the right place it is easy to kill them. Gator hide isnt as tough as its cracked up to be
Lftndbt ledzep56710 years ago
Gator? Who said anything about a gator??
And what size gator are you reffering to?

I'd like to see you put a arrow, into a big male 14ft salt water croc mate...
Not only will you just piss him off, unless you hit him in the eye, or the head of the arrow manages to get through his 3/4 inch thick skull, which is unlikely unless it's point blank... And at point blank your only gonna get one shot, it'll charge you and take your leg off before you load your second.. So you'd have to be pretty handy with a bowie to survive that.....

I'll assume until you reply that your hunting not so large gator's, cause are large croc can take several rifle rounds to get a kill shot. Forget about .22's all together... Unless you can get it through the eye socket...

Happy hunting....
You should visit Australia some time... I can just see you stalking a big salty, then him noticing your there,

Air plane ticket to Austalia- $ 1000

Compound bow and
ammunition- $ 800

The look on your face,
when you realise you
should have bought
your shot gun or exploding tip's-

'...PRICELESS!!... '

And by the way 14ft croc's are common in many places in Australia..
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