What do you think I should do? I think I spooked a monster buck off my property. (A 12 point) I have been keeping my eye on him during the off season but now he has disappeared.

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deerslayerdad10 years ago
he probably didn't go anywhere, he didn't get to be a mature 12 pt. by being out in the open for very long.he's most likely in the thickest,densest part of your land. if you spook him again, back off and let the area settle down for a couple of days.soon enough you'll bet eating backstrap for dinner!!
Hi Pat, glad to hear he's still around. You might want to start looking for antler sheds soon. good luck!!
Pat Sowers (author)  deerslayerdad10 years ago
im goin out today. i have about 5 hours to look. iwish i had more time.
Pat Sowers (author)  deerslayerdad10 years ago
I have seen him just the other day. I was glassin for a wile and out he popped! He moved to some older trails because he probably thinks its safer.
Here's a thought - won't help you now, but, in the future perhaps... Buy a bag of oats, or seed grain...toss it in lots around your property... This is a long term effect, but after a year or two, the deer will flock to your little piece of heaven to munch on these preferred grains. (Our old horse pasture is riddled with deer beds & patties - horses are long gone, but the patches of grain still remain!)
Ah sadly there is nothing to hunt really in Ireland..except fox hunting with hounds (the unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable). Rabbits are no fun because with a bow the dumb bunnies just sit there waiting for you to nock another arrow. So target hunting is all i do
Really? Here, rabbits are hard to hit with a shotgun sometimes. They run both in a circle and zigzagged. If a person isn't careful they can knock off their partner (oh sorry Mr. Chaney LOL). Now squirrel hunting can be boring. You sit and wait, for hours, until they come out of their nests in the trees....then they flit here and there, sitting up daring you to take a pot shot at them. The carnival ones are harder to hit....
My first hunting trip was for squirrel. I didn't get any that day. A couple days later, out with my dad, we got one. I skinned it, we ate the meat (and another couple frozen ones from a friend) for supper. Following the instructable on drying the skin, I got a nice pelt. This year, if I go, I'm going for squirrel, rabbit, and crow. Squirrel and rabbit because they're tasty, and crow because I've heard it's tasty, and my town has one of the largest concentrations of crows in the nation.
Crow ? I know we have a saying here about "eating crow" which means eating something unpleasant, like one's own words. I am not really enthused about eating any form of carrion type bird (crows clean up garbage, and dead things off the roads)
I know, most people that I mention it to that have not eaten it think it sounds pretty nasty. But the way I see it, catfish and crabs are both bottomfeeders/scavengers as well, and we eat them. They even marinate in the goop that they eat for most or all of their lives There are a few websites that I've found with crow-specific recipes and cleaning instructions, along with hunting information. is one that is pretty well done. There are some articles on hunting/cleaning/eating crow that can be accessed for free, and also I think you can buy a subscription/membership. And yep, that saying is used around here, too. As for literally eating crow, they say it tastes similar to duck, but with less grease.
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