Hydrofoil Surfing - A New Adrenalin Sport

Listening to Silvio Rivier, the host of Global Village, there was a section on Hydrofoil Surfing. I turned to the television, interested by this large word, to see this guy surfing a foot above the water! It seems that instead of floating along the water like a normal surfboard this board actually would be below the water while you stand on it. A jet ski pulls the surfer up to speed, bringing him up to the top of the water, but that's not it, there's a fin that leads down a foot and a half or so below the board, and attached to the end of that is a special shaped piece of metal called a hydrofoil that collects the water as it comes up from the bottom of the sea and goes over as a wave. The surfer then keeps going upwards, until the "foil" is about 4 inches under the water. Therefore the surfer can balance above the water, with very little resistance & going very fast. It's technically possible that this could be used for surfing not just close to land, but hundreds of miles out, so the person can surf for as long as their legs hold out, because they can surf in rougher water. Does any body think they could build one of these? Balancing on one is supposed to be like using a uni-cycle, & I'm having trouble surfing normally so even if I did build this I probably couldn't ride it. This goes out to Laird Hamilton, the creator of this funky board, & I'm looking forward to an Instructable. Cheers everybody, ~K P.S. The links aren't working so I'll add them as soon as possible. Neither is the video button, sorry about that, I'll have to add a picture instead.

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gmjhowe8 years ago
You can add a link just by using square brackets. In that you can type them in.
Kryptonite (author)  gmjhowe8 years ago
Ahh ok, but how can I say "insert word" and make a link off that without using the link button? Same with the videos, I can't work it out! Anyway, hope this was interesting.
Kiteman8 years ago
I've seen windsurfers like this - as soon as they gets enough speed they lift up onto the hydrofoil, water resistance drops and they accelerate dramatically. If I remember rightly, the foil doesn't have to be metal - it can be GRP, plywood etc
Kryptonite (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Yeah after posting this I worked out this guy got the idea off "hydrofoil windsurfing" & this guy called Laird Hamilton made from sheet metal shaped into a hydrofoil. Hope every one found this interesting!
gmjhowe Kiteman8 years ago
Next project kiteman?
Kiteman gmjhowe8 years ago
No, I don't have the space, and, more importantly, that's the North Sea out there!
gmjhowe Kiteman8 years ago

excuses excuses