Hydrogen as a fuel?

It's easy to separate hydrogen and oxygen from water. If you mix them together it doesn't become water until it is burnt. In theory you could make a water rocket from gases. But in reality...

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conntaxman9 years ago
Everone says to make HO is not cost eff.can any one figure out this for me. If oil for you furnace cost $3.75 a gallon , how much will HO. cost to make to the same amount of heat.Useing the will say a 9 plate sys.with dc voltage. tks Johnny also isnt it a better to build a HO gen and Just use the HO and not combine the two.Like for use in a car engine.
PKM conntaxman9 years ago
If you are just burning the hydrogen and oxygen to provide heat, you can save yourself the complexity and get an electric heater. Electric heaters are the only devices that are effectively 100% efficient, so it is physically impossible to improve on their performance using electricity. Also consider that burning hydrogen and oxygen will either make your air very humid, or waste heat in exhaust gas, neither of which happen with electric heaters.
CyborgGold PKM6 years ago

look at the section titled environmental and efficiency aspects. If you had the means to produce/obtain HHO, Hydrogen gas, etc. off grid by means of solar or wind feeding the electricity into a generator, or if you collect it through the newly discovered biomass generation methods in the following link:


then it would indeed be more efficient, though more complex, than using an electric heater (which is overall only about 40% efficient when you consider the losses from a non-nuclear power plant). Add to this the fact that it is a clean energy source, and safe if produced in an on demand system, not stored.

The question about whether or not to use Hydrogen in some form is valid and merits consideration, there are uses for Hydrogen, we just need to get better at producing usable amounts of it. After all, Hydrogen is the most abundant element on Earth, and in the known Universe.
skunkbait9 years ago
Be CAREFUL I made a "hydrogen generator" for my car. It 'electrolizes' (?) hydrogen and oxygen from water, producing "Brown's Gas'. It really helps my mileage, BUT- I forgot and left the generator on for 2 hours and when I went to start the car it went off like a bomb! My family thought I was dead. It shattered my airflow sensor and a good portion of the intake. At least I know it works!
The same thing happened to me... Somewhat. I recently got about 10 jugs of apple juice. (Yumm good stuff, thanks Whitehouse since 1908!) and I built a device, hydrogen generator, I left it on, and when I came back to it, it was expanded so much that I thought it was going to explode. So I picked it up and *ACCIDENTALLY* dropped it......... it exploded and took a portion of my shoe off, and half of the desk that it was sitting on, and knocked the clock off the wall, shattered the food bowl next to it, and *EVEN* dented my computer case.. amazing how much damage one little electrolyzer can do within a 50 foot radius..
oh geee be careful. please hook up the power to the ignition switch so that you have control of the generator by shuting it off. I would like to have a step by step of your generator. thanks
Brown's gas

Puts heads in hands...
Yeah, I was wondering there. I occasionally create brown gas, but that is never intentional :-)
. It should contain plenty of Hydrogen (CH4 , H2S, &c). heehee
well, a little methane, but mostly CO2 unless I lose control (which is where the color comes from....I know, Iknow, TMI :-)
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