hello I'm a new user would anyone like an instructable on how to produce hydrogen in your own home?

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steven07 (author) 10 years ago
oh ok only electrolysis ? Ive got a nice and quick chemical reaction that makes liters (or lots at least) of it now to head off to the store
Search Hydrogen in the search bar, there is 15 instructables on how. Enjoy. :)
Didn't know there was an inexpensive (!) way to produce large quantities of hydrogen via chemical reaction, but I'd love to see it!
try alumium foil and hydrochloric acid

HCl+Al=> H+AlCl

(Hydrochloric acid is often sold as patio or concrete cleaner - check the hazard warnings on the bottle)
carbon CameronSS10 years ago
Or, Sodium Hydroxide + Zinc. (It's a "clean" reaction that doesn't leave behind nasty, toxic gunk).
CameronSS carbon10 years ago
Where does one find cheap zinc in decent quantities? Aluminum is everywhere, but the only place that pure zinc is used that I know of is casings on carbon-zinc batteries.
carbon CameronSS10 years ago
At your local hardware store, they're likely to have two different kinds of bolts and screws. One kind will be gritty, lump-ily coated, and gray. The others will be either aluminized, electro-galvanized, or just solid steel. (They'll be shiny). The coating on the gray kind is zinc, and it's just a simple matter of scraping it off. Basically, anything that's been "hot-dip" galvanized has been soaked in zinc. I'm certain there are methods of producing zinc, but they've slipped away at the moment.
Sodium Hydroxide + aluminum


well, not exactly inexpensive as it takes a great deal of energy to make AL from bauxite.... but if you want to do a cheap (dollar wise) experiment...... Just be careful, the reaction is energetic and makes a great deal of heat. Not to mention the dangers of the liquids involved ;)
can you use aluminum foil
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