Hyper Speed Cams

Ok heres my problem im making some videos and i was wondering how can u make a video go slow mo ~does any one have any software for this? ~is it possible ~can i do this without hyper speed cams? Thanks Peace~ Zero

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hedgehog7429 years ago
NachoMahma10 years ago
. I've only done a little video (mainly VHS to DVD), but I think nearly all video editors will allow you to slo-mo/still/fast-fwd. I'd look for an editor at SourceForge <http://sourceforge.net/>.
VIRON NachoMahma10 years ago
Slo-mo: It's easy to do with a VCR. Never saw it done on a PC.
zero0928 (author) 10 years ago
any one have any software to allready saved movies that i can screw around with???
I don't have any, but there's a commercial product called MotionPerfect that does a better job then average, it creates inbetween frames to smooth the video.
westfw10 years ago
A typical video camera only takes 30 frames per second of video, so the only way you can get "slow motion" in post-production is to have the software repeat each frame multiple times. As far as I know, this is a pretty common feature (Apple's iFilm has it, for example.) It's reasonably useful for things like sports, but pretty useless for high speed events... Some of the newer digital cameras do 60 fps. I'd love to see faster frame rates in a relatively low priced camera, say by doing B&W three-way interleaving off the three sensors in a triple-CCD color camera, but I don't think anyone does this. The bandwidth requirements get pretty massive pretty quickly. I vaguely recall seeing some specs for the high-speed cameras used for slow-mo instant replays at sporting events; IIRC, they store their video in something like 70 Gbyte of RAM memory (huh. That's not nearly so much as it was back when I remember reading this.)
Here's a thought, what if you took say ten webcams capable of 30fps, pointed them at the same target with an angle theta between the cameras sufficiently small enough that they all appeared to be recording the same image, and PRESUMING you could start them recording 1/300 of a second apart, take the resulting video and interleave them.
. Step away from the bong! LOL . If you removed the cases, theta would be reduced. . If the cameras are perfectly matched, it should be fairly simple to build the trigger circuit. Use only eight cameras (one byte) and microcontroller control gets a LOT easier. . Combining the vids should be pretty easy but may be very time consuming. Just guessing here; I haven't done much with video.
Step away from the bong! LOL (?)
nevermind, it's been done high speed dense camera array
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