I <3 Instructables

man i sure do love instructables. you can win stuff for making stuff. i hope my instructable is good engouh to at least get patches and stickers, becuase i want patches and stickers! Who's with me! muahaha!!!

Picture of I <3 Instructables
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That picture of you is worth patches and stickers in my book, lol.
Doctor What9 years ago
Well, you don't need to make an instructable to get patches and stickers. You could just buy some for like five bucks (even though i have gotten some once, for being in the weekend builder) (muahahahaha). BTW, what is with the umbrella?
alvincredible (author)  Doctor What9 years ago
lol it was part of another instructable
OH, didn't see that one. Which one was it, one of yours?
Found it.
Noodle939 years ago
We all love instructables!
Yes, but that is almost enough to scare away the faint hearted LOL
If they are faint hearted, then they really aren't instructablers, now are they?
It depends, they could be instructing you how best to "run away"!
ll.139 years ago
Is there in-house rain in America?
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