I know I am known for my knex transformers but to change things up a little. After watching Ironman I wanted to recreate something from the move out of knex so here is the Mark 01 the first iron man suit . It can stand on its own with no supports or non knex pieces.

Picture of I AM KNEX MAN
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jammy57 years ago
Hi Im new and can you please post or ill nag you to post so post post post post post post post post.
FeverSoccer9 years ago
he looks like that bad iron man
iron man is not evil
yeah he is
I think he meant the Iron Monger, or whatever it's called.
yea him
That's because it is Iron Monger

put instructions on how to build it

DUDE so awsome plzzzzz post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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