I Challenge You: Cable Driver

The new challenge!
A cable driver!
It's relatively simple idea, but balancing it will be hard!

Use an engine or else it would just roll of the cable.
Use weights for balancing.

Best of luck, dudes!

Link to the group.

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knexkrazy9 years ago
Done!! This has two wheels and two stabilization arms. It’s not motorized because that would seriously affect its balance. The arms have weights to keep it stable. I tried making it with a cart on top but it made it way too top heavy!! I hope you like!!!
Skreetsha (author)  knexkrazy9 years ago
Not judgable. Sorry but it has to have an engine to make it count :S
I know this contest is long gone. But you didn't say you have to use a engine. So wouldn't of this been judgable??
I can do better, I can add a motor, and the cart does not need arms. Also, the whole thing (except wheels) goes under the cable....no offense to yours, Its pretty decent.....
Okay, viccie said the frame needs to be ABOVE the wheels. Actually you do need to have arms. I tried it without and it fell right off. The arms keep the weight below the string.
Where did he say the frame needed to be above the wheels?
When he responded to your question! You asked what a cable driver was! He said "A two wheeled cart that drives over one cable One wheel in front one in the back and the frame is above the wheels :) Use weights and you can balance it :P"
jollex9 years ago
This is just a simple prototype that people can use to expand and attach a motor or something.
Skreetsha (author)  jollex9 years ago
Lol but it is not a correct model of a cable driver. I mean that two wheels one in front, one in the back, above the wire, with the chassis and cab on top and weigths beneith the thing to stabilize it. Anyway, fun concept :P
I know, but it is pretty much impossible to make one with only wheels on top.
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