I Dont think KipKays should be allowed in?

I dont think kipkays should be in this contest because it was submitted before the contest started. Am I wrong? Thanks joe

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grundisimo5 years ago
Kipkay already won if you add awesomeness to the equation.
(Have you seen the publishing date of this thread?)
sry7 years ago
please talk to me
segull208 years ago
I think you are right but i think he should be allowed if he re-entered it
Mr. Rig It8 years ago
I think Joe has a valid point here that needs to be taken seriously, but not just about Kipkay. Come on it's the same old cracker, create something new or give it a major update. If you have won with your instructable before should it really be eligible to win again? I personally don't think so. Here is the dilemma. Can an 11 year old really compete with a 30 year old + adult who has been working in the field of electronics and optics? Someone who has the education and experience in a professional career can easily dominate this field against "children". Come on these kids don't have the money to go out and buy the stuff to make these projects much less have the proper know how and safety practices to use the tools necessary to complete the projects. Therefore I would like to respectfully request instructable create a children’s division. I would also like to "Thank You" the Instructables founder and team members fro creating and hosting these challenges. Have a good day all.
I think an 11 year old should be able to compete. I'm 13 and have a good enough knowledge of electronics to find stuff wrong with kipkays stuff (sometimes, he olmy makes mikstakes like 1 in 3 electronic videos). I have all the stuff necessary, most bought with my own money. You just have to be careful with your money.
The 13 years old thing is a legal requirement. As for a Little League for contests, I don't think it's needed - there are quite a number of young posters here who produce better stuff than I can (at 40).
like me !!!! :-D
Kicks youngling in shin, smiles innocently
sounds air raid alarm, aims 15000000 joule rail gun on kitemans house. turns on nst for class d co2 laser. loads portable rail gun. fills secondary armament plasma propulser with histamine.
joejoerowley (author)  guyfrom7up8 years ago
guyfrom7up: please show a video with a mistake, and tell me what the mistake it. Mr.Rig it: I was not saying I don't want to compete with kipkay (which I don't) but that his instructable was in published before the group started. I like your Idea about the children instructables. The only problem is that you have to be 12 to register on this site.
ok, well this isn't much as a mistake, but a very bad bad thing to do: Laser Phaser: I bluray diode needs much more than a simple resistor to work safely, A proper power unit is needed, which is only like 5-10 components. Burning Laser: Same as above Nightvision hack: You should use individual resistors for parallel leds, also I'm pretty sure you would need a higher wattage resistor, but I'm not sure of that (can't tell from photos or his led specs), so won't include that. that's all i can find for now, and i need to goto sleep (school night, yay...)
laser: why? it seems to work just fine. i doubt a bad power supply will significantly lower life expectancy on an intermittently used device. night vision: the only reason to use individual resistors is so you dont need a high wattage resistor. otherwise it does not matter.
well, with the burning laser he used no rtesistor, and a laser can only handle so many mA (for the one he has, 100-200 mA) If you visist www.laserpointerforums.com You'll be suprised about all of the saftey and stuff for laser diodes. I was when I was going to make my own burning laser. FOr parallel diodes it's good practice to have individual resistors per led for some varying resistance problem or something, I never had a problem with it though
seeing as i doubt anyone uses a blue ray phaser for more than several seconds, i doubt it will do any real damage. im still planning my own co2 laser. its a tad low priority now though. im working on an sstc, then a squarewave driver, the hopefully a rail gun. although its good practise to use seperat diodes, its not necessary.
I agree bout the being careful with your money. I have bought tonnes of bull crap that just doesnt do as advertised and i have been very disappointed :(
How about you let us "children" decide that grandpa if we want to compete with you, never thought some old guy would be afriad of a couple of kids showing him up.
OK then lets see what you can do, besides running off at the mouth, that is. (Sniff sniff) is that your diaper I smell little one? LoL Now where's my cane?
listen man i'm 16 not a baby and i think i just hear a challenge being proclaimed am I correct?
16 huh?? It sounds more like you are the one who is challenging me, yet you only have one Instructable posted. I am however interested in seeing what you can make more than I am fighting with you. So show us what you can do, and good luck in the LED challenge.
Thanks man I just started a little while ago and i got a couple project in mind but between school work and various sport practice i haven't had the time. Good luck with future builds!
I find that insulting.
Wasn't trying to insult you, was just having some fun. It was meant toward IPATCH not you, since he is the one who call me "grandpa" to begin with. I checked your page, not bad. I did that same thing with the polaroid camera when i was 11, there is a lot of juice in those batteries.
got that right.
You can't Immediately say that a 30 year old is better than a kid. I'm 14 and I'm the only one in my school and neighborhood that will take apart ever thing and build DIY stuff out of everything. Don't belive me? check my page. check it again in one month, you'll see.
ipatch8 years ago
well we just have to put our thinking caps on and come up with an awesome idea instead of trying to make the contest easier for us to win... think of it as an added challenge
Heh, how bout a thinking toque for us Canadians eh?
the rules state that if you've "upgraded the instructable" or made any changes to it while the contest was going on even though you posted it in a time before the contest it is still eligible
reddnekk8 years ago
Migawd! If all the energy put into this argument over Kipkay were put into creating an LED project, just think how many awesome entries there would be! But some are doers, some are talkers, and some are just plain enviers.
Nirjuana8 years ago
So do I understand you guys right, you don't want KipKay to be allowed in because he's too good and has too big chances of winning?! I'd say it's ridiculous since isn't this challenge about creativity??? OK, he's got lots of experience but he doesn't have any "supermachine" that just makes cool stuff, so we all start basically from same line, don't we? So stop complaining and go do something cool which KipKay can't beat! =]
shooter1298 years ago
I'll agree that kipkay has some of the most awesome instructables. But I'll also agree that his stuff is way too good for any of the contests and that he has an 88% chance of winning anything he enters.and that anyone who moderates instructables should take this comment into consideration. BTW I'm only 11 so don't leave any harsh replys.
You think he should be excluded from contests because he has a chance of winning? That doesn't seem very fair..
Damnit we have a chance of winning by entering... I quit... besides patrik is now speaking for everyone, it's fair do to him in my eyes if he beats me with a better instructable... That and if he's good then he's going to have something good to offer to us the other members...
Well, it may not seem fair to him, but it seems entirely fair to the rest of us! ;-)
joejoerowley (author)  shooter1298 years ago
Does it really matter how old you are? I am still going to leave you harsh comment if I want too.
I just hope you don't want too
How did you calculate 88%? I believe that 85.7% of all statistics are made up. If he follows the rules, he can enter.
I don't know, I made that up
Isn't it 60%? :P
Brennn108 years ago
I guess it is allowed to "be" in the contest. Just not eligible to win a prize.
I agree why is it whenever someone does something it's ok, but when kipkay does it it's great, all hail kipkay. Just saying, I mean 68 votes for putting a bunch of irleds together?!? Not saying it's a bad idea, just... uhhh... yeah. I mean he can put any crap on metacafe and he'll get like 200 dollars
I think everyone just likes his voice
"I mean he can put any crap on metacafe and he'll get like 200 dollars" That's the definition of popular, not great.
Amen to that, brotha!
nothing personal but i ~~have urges to slit his f ing throat~~ don't like his projects
Seems as if there is a little animosity towards KipKay.
Hey player haters...calm down!
but but but but but but but but but but but but he doesn't deserve half of it, he just has a good voice (lol)
He has some pretty intuitive projects...he definitly doesn't deserve the way a lot of people here treat him.
A few people are green with envy over KipKay. His projects are really good, and simple. They are also very well made. Well, he takes screenshots of the video, but none the less his projects are awesome. I have nothing against him, hes a great DIY-er.
joejoerowley (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
I know. They are just jealous. :) All great stars got the player haters.
joejoerowley (author)  guyfrom7up8 years ago
I know. If I had a voice like his I would talk like that in my normal life.
Why is that - I don't get it? Sure, not all his instructables are equally high quality, but he has some really nice ones up as well.
joejoerowley (author)  LinuxH4x0r8 years ago
Kipkay is like a god of DIY to most novice users. I think he is really a great gateway into the DIY world for the noobs.
Kipkay tends to come up with simple, but effective, solutions to complex problems. Not all of his projects are particularly creative, but he plans it out and does a nice job of putting it together and publishing it. And I'm guessing that the Metacafe moola goes into the Future Projects Fund, given the cost of some of his projects. Also, his cat can perform mind control over the video. That helps a bit.
Did you even read the instructable? "Putting a bunch of irleds together" is by far the least part of his project.
joejoerowley (author)  Patrik8 years ago
So. The contest says "You have three weeks to publish the coolest Instructable featuring an LED of any kind. That's right -- any project using LEDs will be eligible, so be creative!" I guess it would be eligible if he had submitted it later.
Guess he could just unpublish it and then republish it... :-P
joejoerowley (author)  Patrik8 years ago
No, it does not work like that. It will keep its original date. He could create a new instructable and just copy over the old one to a new page and then it would be ok.
There a Nerd in my class and hes always talking about this brilliant kipkay dude. But i find it creepy he like obsessed with the guy
I don't think KipKay should even be in the contests, his stuff is way too good, he dominates every single user in a bloody match fighting Saratoga and whatnot, fighting off LED scavengers, resistor stabbers, sharp burning solderers, trying to defeat us in a component battle, putting the rare earth magnets into our brain, giving us heart failure.

:P Just kidding. His stuff is awesome.
canida8 years ago
No worries- we check to make sure entries are eligible, and will remove anything created before the start date.
joejoerowley (author)  canida8 years ago
Ok. Thanks Sorry for causing in any inconvenience.
No it wont be a problem because they check dates, however I am not amused about the recycling batteries one, it appeared in the dates then the title changed and it was in the group it doesn't do any LED stuff it just says it in the title once... I thought the challenge had to have Leds or be related a bit better, the keyboard one is sketchy but has leds on it... If I misread a bit of the contest page then my bad... No wait I was read it there... "You have three weeks to publish the coolest Instructable featuring an LED of any kind. That's right -- any project using LEDs will be eligible, so be creative!" I see no leds Im confused and going grrrr because I have to go down to maplins tomorrow aswell...
zachninme8 years ago
Its probably not eligible -- but don't dispare! Instructables will sort it out, you don't have to overreact ;-) (Not saying you are...)