I Dont think KipKays should be allowed in?

I dont think kipkays should be in this contest because it was submitted before the contest started. Am I wrong? Thanks joe

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grundisimo7 years ago
Kipkay already won if you add awesomeness to the equation.
(Have you seen the publishing date of this thread?)
sry9 years ago
please talk to me
segull209 years ago
I think you are right but i think he should be allowed if he re-entered it
Mr. Rig It9 years ago
I think Joe has a valid point here that needs to be taken seriously, but not just about Kipkay. Come on it's the same old cracker, create something new or give it a major update. If you have won with your instructable before should it really be eligible to win again? I personally don't think so. Here is the dilemma. Can an 11 year old really compete with a 30 year old + adult who has been working in the field of electronics and optics? Someone who has the education and experience in a professional career can easily dominate this field against "children". Come on these kids don't have the money to go out and buy the stuff to make these projects much less have the proper know how and safety practices to use the tools necessary to complete the projects. Therefore I would like to respectfully request instructable create a children’s division. I would also like to "Thank You" the Instructables founder and team members fro creating and hosting these challenges. Have a good day all.
I think an 11 year old should be able to compete. I'm 13 and have a good enough knowledge of electronics to find stuff wrong with kipkays stuff (sometimes, he olmy makes mikstakes like 1 in 3 electronic videos). I have all the stuff necessary, most bought with my own money. You just have to be careful with your money.
The 13 years old thing is a legal requirement. As for a Little League for contests, I don't think it's needed - there are quite a number of young posters here who produce better stuff than I can (at 40).
like me !!!! :-D
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