I Found a Book that wasn't lost...

A lot of people walk past our house, often after spending a little too long in the pub. We also get a lot of kids passing to and from school.

So the occasional piece of litter in the front garden isn't unusual.

Today it was - I found a book. Whole, intact, and deliberately dumped in my garden.

It wasn't chucked away by an annoyed kid, or dropped by an unusually literate drunk, it was "released".

It seems there is a whole community of politely-subversive book-lovers out there, determined to sneak their love onto others. They leave books in unusual, public places for others to find, read and pass on the same way. They meet at BookCrossing.com

It was called Cracks, by Sheila Kohler, not really my cup of tea, but I like the BookCrossing idea, so I've wrapped it in plastic, labelled it up, and it's ready to send on its way. I may leave it in the countryside somewhere.

BookCrossing website

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Moem5 years ago
Yay, old thread is old.

How cool, though, that you found a BookCrossing book! I'm currently writing an I'ble on how to use BookCrossing to share and track your books.
Moem Moem5 years ago
Kiteman (author)  Moem5 years ago
I never did hear anything about the book again... :-(
Moem Kiteman5 years ago
Aww. You still might, though. Some books take years to 'write home'.
blkhawk5 years ago
I once encounter a similar idea with dollar bills. I got this bill with an ink stamped message asking the bearer to register the bill at a website. There was a form asking where I got the bill and the series number of the bill. According to the recorded history of the bill, it traveled like five different states. I like the book idea better.
My sister did that once... or at least she was planning too. Also, I once found a science textbook stuck in a bush on the way home from school.
When I was hiking in Yosemite a week ago (or two weeks) with my Instructables Robot shirt, I saw the exact same thing! Except the tag was kind of like stickynote formation, but it's awesome! My dumb brother threw it in like a ditch or something.
That's pretty neat! You oughtta find a way to dump it in some other country!
Kiteman (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
Maybe near a ferry terminal?
throw it in a bus. Anyone could find it there. If you want to get it to another country, maybe putting it inside a crate on a cargo ship?
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