I Have A Car, You have An Idea?

I am planning to sell this car within a month, but if I can't I would like to do something creative with it, like cut the roof off /demolition derby/something of the like. But I was wondering if anyone on instructables has an idea of what I could do to it. I've been looking at mutant/art cars from Burning Man, and wondering about an armored car or something.. BTW, the car is for sale, $500. Any takers?

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Atomman8 years ago
First off (might cost a lot of cash), get new seats, steering wheel etc. Paint it black. Now put some green LED lights around the tires (the kind in the tubes). Your new awesome ride!
make an ejection seat. :D if you do, post a video
DJ Radio8 years ago
After some searching around, I saw what one person did to this exact same car (same make and model):
bumpus (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Stop bumping an old thread. The wheels don't match perspective btw.
DJ Radio bumpus8 years ago
Mr. Cowboy kept doing that by replying to some of my comments. Then I remembered this. I think the wheels match the stripes. which is good.
Ok first off dont mention me please, thank you and second UGLY CAR
You got bad taste. Oh yeah this thing matches:
These flames match the wheels
That isnt my car. Also, the car in the picture is the same make and model of the car bumpus has, unlike yours. Fail.
Still the flames match the chrome. Plus thats Big Bad Dodge 1. And by the way, that is my truck
I'm not surprised... The flames match nothing, except for those two hinges on the front...
you mean d - rings on the front and where i come from, perfect truck lots of horsepower, tons of torque, spits black smoke, great paint job, super rims, and one heck of a grille guard
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