I Hate The New Instructables Layout.

I can understand you are trying to make the site more user friendly for people who are brand new to the site, but i am afraid to tell you it has been a disaster. The changes have left instructables with a very messy layout. A clean cut site is wheat people are looking for, and new people can easily settle in because of the simplicity. Undo your mistake and find a better solution to making the site more user friendly. I have an idea!

After you put the front page of instructables back to its original format, Place ( in a cool box )
A Big Exciting Link That Says "Take a Quick Tour Of Instructables.com!" And that will take new users to Ewilhelm's Tour Instructable. Hell, if you want, make sure the link can be clicked from any page on instructables, keep the link somewhere at the top, on the orange bar . Just remember to keep the link that is on the the Front Page Big And Exciting. 


Thankyou Www.Instructables.com staff for listening

-Kevin C.

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jakebaldwin5 years ago
PLEASE Try again, Instructables.

I love your site. I visit nearly every day. I used to be able to catch up on all the latest and greatest instructables quickly, but now with the shuffling features, contests hidden away, icon size changed and names hidden until rollover, I can't. I can hardly even visit anymore. Instructables just... isn't even itself anymore.

Just change back. At least have the option to change back. I was extremely happy with the layout we've had for the past few years.
Er, you have seen that this topic is about changes made over a year ago, right?

I didn't look at the posting date. Oops.

I hope there's a thread for hating the new layout.

Thanks for the heads up.
hungyhipo 25 years ago
what do you mean "he quit"
An Villain5 years ago
dark sponge5 years ago
I think it should default to the new way, but people should be able to change an option in their profiles so that it will always open the old way for them if they want.

Personally I was angry with the new layout at first, but then grew to like it.
smashpoe5 years ago
YES SO TRUE!!!!!! plzzz instuctables, i ask you from the bottom of my heart..... change the fricken layout back!!! PLEASE!!!
Pizzapie5005 years ago
JustModIt5 years ago
please, pleeeeease try again!
Clayfig6 years ago
Doctor What6 years ago
Hate is such a strong word.
but desperate times call for desperate measures
gr8scott6 years ago
I have regularly visited your site since 2008. I created a username/joined in June of 2009. Having said that, the new page layouts are TERRIBLE!! I loved this site because it was "basic" and the actual content was the focus of the site. Now the site is mish-mash of ads, and a layout that could have only been done by a graphic-arts flunkie!! Please bring back the "old" layout. This isn't a resistance to "change"--its a resistance to common sense vs. no common sense! Make the CONTENT of this site the focus again please!
KnexFreek (author)  gr8scott6 years ago
so true. amen
This layout is not good,not good at all..................
lockpick6 years ago
True very true
seabananers6 years ago
instructables was better when you could type in something for a search
The Graphical search option is still there....you just have to choose it.
I can't find things for the home section. When I do search for things they have thousands of pages of it. It's messy!
The previous layout was perfect. I don't really understand why they changed it. The current layout is unintuitive and navigating is not as quick or easy. I really have to dig around versus the previous layout had everything at my fingertips. The banners also cover up the navigation menus occasionally which is frustrating. Not everyone is in a position to be able to afford a pro membership...which may explain why some people are using instructables in the first place (cheaper DIY solutions!) Please, try again.
It's not much better for the pro members either. Now, even as a Pro member, I get banner ads. (Not as many, but still, I'm paying cash to look at banners now?) Worse still, while at work the other day, one of those ads started loudly playing audio. I really loathe this new design.
Javin0076 years ago
I have to 100% agree. I loved the layout of the original site, and this new one is painful to navigate, not to mention simply amateur looking. This looks like the site that would've been up before the previous version. I can't say how much I hate it enough. The previous site was well organized, was easy to navigate to new, featured, and popular items, and simply WORKED. This new layout is so painful that it makes me not even want to view the site. I'm not someone who's opposed to change, IF the change is for the better. PLEASE change it back.
An Villain6 years ago
Am I the only one that has the problem of after I leave a comment I cannot leave a new comment (the cursor won't show up in the comment box) and I cannot use the search bar (same problem) until I refresh the page or go to another page and then go back?
knexguy6 years ago
The new comment boxes won't load in my iPod :(
Corrugated6 years ago
 I like the new look and structure its just I do find stuff harder to find now ( Lurked the site for about a year before registering) and I know the topic is a bit dead but could a page be added with all the categories on it? Would just make it a lot easier rather than going through sub-menu's.

Thanks Heaps
kodykin6 years ago
i agree with the people of this post. i do not like the way instructables is laid out. i can not find anything anymore. the old search engine was better because it had pictures. but i do love instructables because i love diy projects! i just want to see it back to the way it was.
tim_n6 years ago
The old layout was more intuitive, even if it was too busy.

I used to enjoy seeing lots of new instructables - it was also really nice to watch your instructable go from 'recently submitted' to 'featured' work its way down then goto 'popular' - though I agree it seems a bit silly to make it drop down the page twice, but it did wonders for your page views.

Unfortunately the new layout doesn't play nice with IE6 which I use at work - so if I want to search for something, I can't easily because the system just doesn't work (buttons all over the place).

I did prefer it the way it was - it looks so empty now I look at it and I seem to be endlessly scrolling down.

I won't disappear off from instructables, but I will be awaiting the next layout which will perhaps fix some of the problems I've highlighted.
Nibs6 years ago
...Is it really only about the change in Layout? Let's dig deeper.

Easy Truffles, Mothers Day Ideas, Sew a Custom Bag?  What's going on inside Instructables? Have you been taken over by Martha Stewart, or Real Simple magazine?

There is a place for "Easy Chocolate Truffles" and a "Guys Guide to Buying Flowers" it's called Sunset Magazine (which I love), but I loved Instructables because it was edgy, and distinct and it filled a unique niche that needed to be scratched. it was an outlet for the citizen inventor, a bulletin board for the creative geek, an idea museum for the designer, and a laugh out loud for all of us who combed through silly projects.

Please Instructables, don't be another promising, unique web venue that abandons their roots. We want to learn about 10,000 things to do with LEDs, how to make a bamboo bike, or a PVC bed, or how to hack a Moleskine notebook. Let Eating Light magazine stretch its readership by instructing its audience on how to make Double Chocolate Cheesecake, and let Craft Magazine teach us how to Sew a Custom Bag.

Come on folks what do you think? Am I wrong here?
Instructables is a site for DIY and how-to information sharing of all kinds. Personally, I think it's great that I can learn how to build a POV display for my ceiling fan, make an inverted tomato planter out of a soda bottle, make a potato cannon, bake gingerbread, and sew throw pillows all in the same place. But then, I have eclectic interests.
There are plenty of categories out there that you can use to narrow the focus of what you see displayed, if you are disturbed by the sight of truffle recipes and sewing patterns. Restricting content to niche subjects would just decrease membership and traffic, which could cause the whole site to fold for lack of revenue, and then there would be no content at all.
hakemsaeed6 years ago
Nice that you are caring for the site ,
 my notice : the footer needs some changes , like the line under the link , it's in orange :| also the divider , oh no  it do have a black background  
What happened here, I can't figure out how to search for anything i'm looking for.  I know it's been awhile since my last visit, but what are they trying to get rid of me or something.  Anyone please tell me the secret!
Look at the big giant white box in the middle of the page, where you can type in text, with the big orange Search button next to it.  I'bles is paying to use Google's search engine internally, which does not produce nicely filtered or sorted output. 

If you want to use the old search interface (which is known to miss some information on site), follow the Graphical Search link right next to the big orange Search button.
This seems as good a spot as any to drop the comment that a couple of meatspace friends "hate the layout", the particular thing they both hated was the mixing of questions in with projects when browsing categories.

To quote " I'm looking for cool projects, I don't care what some ***** doesn't know how to do".

me? meh, I never use the front page, or categories.
.  Excellent observation. That's just the kind of feedback I'd want if I were designing a web site.
.  I think many of the ppl complaining about the changes are forgetting that how new visitors view the site (is the layout appealing, is it easy to navigate, can I find what I'm looking for, &c) can have a big effect on signups and signups have a big effect on subscriptions (pro) and subscriptions have a big effect on whether or not the site survives.
.  Yes. Having to change some of my Ibles surfing routines is a bit inconvenient, but I'm a 50+ yo, old fart who is set in his ways and doesn't like any changes. All these youngsters shouldn't be complaining. ;)
Brennn106 years ago
I really like this new layout.  I am just wondering if it is possible to add photos to the left of each search result.
It seems not, although Canida says they're looking into it.  They've paid to use the Google Search API (which is also why there are ads), and that API doesn't appear to easily support adding content to results.
KnexFreek (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
 the google search is nice... but the button for the graphical search thingy should be much bigger. 
 It is idiotic! it won't let me search for the top rated ibles and only comes up with the latest and most featured! And it took me half an hour to find that button!
I think the point is that they are moving to the Google search as the primary interface.  That may mean that soon the old search DB won't even be updated, or some such thing.  In any event, the difference in emphasis is deliberate, and meant to guide users in a particular direction.

We might disagree with that direction, but that's a separate issue :-)
KnexFreek (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
well duh.... BUT i still think they should make the freaking button a little dam bigger
What a waste of money.  In my honest opinion the old search was better than what they are using now.
I do not disagree with you on this one, DJ.  However, you need to ask (and consider) what the right metric is.  In terms of presentation and user interface, I think the old search is far better.  In terms of completeness and accuracy of results, Google is better.  Staff (Randy) have said that the latter is their metric.
I don't really understand what you mean by "metric", but I found the old search to be really accurate- if I knew what I wanted to search for, it delivered.  Not so with the new search.  

I decided to search for an instructable by using the username of the author who wrote the ible, and none of the ibles he actually posted showed up on the first 3 pages.  Not even by keyword did the instructable I wanted show up.  I had to type the exact title of the instructable in to get a real result.

Can you explain what you mean by "Metric"
Sorry!  "Metric" means "what you measure."  In this context, it means what quantity you are using to judge the outcome.  If you say to me, "K'nex projects are better if they use fewer pieces," then your metric is "piece count."

With these two search engines, there are different metrics that could be used -- number of results, relevance (however defined) of results, presentation or order, number missed, number of extra (irrelevant), and so on.

In this case, the Google search apparently is more complete -- fewer missed results that "should have been found."  But the old search was more relevant -- the results it did find matched your criteria.
I see.  Thanks for the clarification. 
NYPA6 years ago
I really don't care.
Vynash6 years ago
Idk it's a ok layout but I dont like it AS MUCH. but I'd enjoy if it was back to normal :/
Same here.  For some reason now, I can't post forum topics.
Is that still true?  Could you try posting a (new) bug report about this?  Let me know, either via PM or my Orangeboard, if you can't do so, and I'll post a bug report on your behalf.
I will pm you.  It is weird, ever since we changed the layout, I have tried multiple times to post different forum topics, and when I try to publish it, It just takes me to a white screen and never loads.  It is annoying.
Pretty sure I can so idk.
1825156 years ago
I Liekd the old layout better also. I mainly dont like the new search bar, I liked the old one much better. I always go back to useing the graphical search.
lemonie 1825156 years ago
tim_n6 years ago
Not that sounding like a broken record helps, but I don't like the new search - I first thought it was a google ad - then realised the old search had popped off.  I noted the graphical search button which is fine - but it would be best as the default, I'm not really interested in text links - graphical search was what made instructables truly great for getting me interested in projects I wouldn't bother with if I read lame descriptions for which my projects are known for!
kelseymh tim_n6 years ago
This is a great comment, with specific details and reasoning.  Unfortunately, adding it as a comment to a rude and extremist rant is unlikely to get the attention of staff.  Would you consider reposting it in the main topic discussing the site modifications?
MegaMetal86 years ago
i dont really like the new search

coz i really prefer the graphical search

but each time you have to change it over
qwerty9876 years ago
how do you get around now.

Walking?  On a bike?  In a sporty orange convertible?
i got that off the internet i meant how do i get around the site now.
The same way as before, by clicking on hyperlinks or by using the search to find what you want.
oh i thought that took you to different sites
sprout_less6 years ago
 hate the new layout
KnexKrazed6 years ago
I Thought I Walked Into A Replica Website, The Ones That Are Made To Steal Passwords, And I Have To Say, I Hate That You Can't Just Search At The Top Of The Page. Very Upsetting. I Might Not Even Post My Knex Slide Action Crossbow And Airsoft Gun...
KnexFreek (author)  KnexKrazed6 years ago
64runners6 years ago
Lol 1 Rating who's is it?? 0.0
KnexFreek (author)  64runners6 years ago
The Jamalam6 years ago
I would like to go back to the old layout, but this sort of thing happens all the time on community websites. They did it on Facebook, Youtube, even here before you came. Users try to get it to change back, but they never succeed and eventually get used to the new layout in time for the next update.
KnexFreek (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
 yep, it will never change.
knexfreak956 years ago
 please try again
AND go back to the old search engine
KnexFreek (author)  knexfreak956 years ago
 Thankyou for your input, and i 100% agree.

KnexFreek (author)  kenexinator6 years ago
knexfreek its either your ignoring my comments or you have alot ???
didnt you like my sweet revenge mod???
KnexFreek (author)  kenexinator6 years ago
 Ask me if i have alot? ARE YOU F--Ing kidding me... OMG my computer isnt fast enough to let me answer the comments i get a day. I CANT even use my comment tracker anymore, its not fast enough, i have to go through my ibles and find all the comments
Kiteman6 years ago
What exactly is the problem?

I've been offline for a week, missed Sunday's roll-out, and walked smack into the new layout this morning.

Seems fine to me.
Yes!!!!! Somebody else likes it!!!!!!!!
I like the new layout, too, very much.  There are a few things which could be tweaked, but not much.  And I do like the Google search as well, though I can see it's limitations and problems.
Alright!!!!!!! Yeah there are some problems with it, but even members show up in the searches now!!!
Yes, they do, and you can even sort of limit your search to members only (in a crappy way, but still...):  Type "Instructables Member" wolf into the search box.  You get only members back, but you get members not only with "wolf" in their name, but anyone who has an Orangeboard comment with the word "wolf" in it.
Cool!!! Thanks for telling me that :)
KnexFreek (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
 I think it is very messy, we can all have our own opinions, Thankyou for your input.
Can you be specific?  "Messy" doesn't tell us anything.  Do you not like the non-orange masthead on the home page?  (That will be gone next week).  Do you not like the five categories instead of sixteen?  What makes fewer "messy"?
Captin696 years ago
Please for the love of finding what im looking for try again
qwerty9876 years ago
never mind.
KnexFreek (author)  qwerty9876 years ago
lemonie6 years ago
Who are the "wheat people"? This interests me.

Hmm... wheat people... I want to know who they are as well. 
KnexFreek (author)  Sunbanks6 years ago
I don't know...that term kind of goes against the grain.
KnexFreek (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
It's hard to separate them from the chaff.  The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind.
KnexFreek (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
 i see...
That's the best yet, ha ha ha.

KnexFreek (author)  lemonie6 years ago
 ???? LOL

64runners6 years ago
The new one is a bit hard to find what you are looking for. You'll get used to it soon. But I still liked the old one better, it has a better search system instead of using the one by Google. Also there isn't a picture of the what you are looking for in the new search engine. So I say Some old layout parts mixed with some of the newer layouts!
KnexFreek (author)  64runners6 years ago
 agreed, thankyou
kenexinator6 years ago
please try again? and i agree the older version looked much better!!!
KnexFreek (author)  kenexinator6 years ago
Pizzapie5006 years ago
SUPPORT!!!! I complained about this too... In a comment though. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!!! I hate where the search bar is. Also who would want a non graphical search? Two more things, it's glichy, and the font size for "You" and "Inbox" are too small, especially the profile pic next to "you". I hope they fix this.