I Hate The New Instructables Layout.

I can understand you are trying to make the site more user friendly for people who are brand new to the site, but i am afraid to tell you it has been a disaster. The changes have left instructables with a very messy layout. A clean cut site is wheat people are looking for, and new people can easily settle in because of the simplicity. Undo your mistake and find a better solution to making the site more user friendly. I have an idea!

After you put the front page of instructables back to its original format, Place ( in a cool box )
A Big Exciting Link That Says "Take a Quick Tour Of Instructables.com!" And that will take new users to Ewilhelm's Tour Instructable. Hell, if you want, make sure the link can be clicked from any page on instructables, keep the link somewhere at the top, on the orange bar . Just remember to keep the link that is on the the Front Page Big And Exciting. 


Thankyou Www.Instructables.com staff for listening

-Kevin C.

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jakebaldwin6 years ago
PLEASE Try again, Instructables.

I love your site. I visit nearly every day. I used to be able to catch up on all the latest and greatest instructables quickly, but now with the shuffling features, contests hidden away, icon size changed and names hidden until rollover, I can't. I can hardly even visit anymore. Instructables just... isn't even itself anymore.

Just change back. At least have the option to change back. I was extremely happy with the layout we've had for the past few years.
Er, you have seen that this topic is about changes made over a year ago, right?

I didn't look at the posting date. Oops.

I hope there's a thread for hating the new layout.

Thanks for the heads up.
Kiteman6 years ago
Er, you have seen that this topic is about changes made over a year ago, right?
Well--probably not! Not enough caffeine, I guess? I wanted to put in my two cents worth on the new changes but obviously didn't look hard enough for a new thread! Will take this off and look for a newer one.
hungyhipo 27 years ago
what do you mean "he quit"
An Villain7 years ago
dark sponge7 years ago
I think it should default to the new way, but people should be able to change an option in their profiles so that it will always open the old way for them if they want.

Personally I was angry with the new layout at first, but then grew to like it.
smashpoe7 years ago
YES SO TRUE!!!!!! plzzz instuctables, i ask you from the bottom of my heart..... change the fricken layout back!!! PLEASE!!!
Pizzapie5007 years ago
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