I Love airsoft!

I have the Crosman R34 asssault rifle. Its awesome! I also have the Crosman Stinger P9. I just wanted to show what guns ive got even tho this is a nerf group.....

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Aaaaaaaaaaa airsoft.jpg
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jumpingcat6 years ago
is that a P99
sanagol6 years ago
i got mine by trading for my old and broken shotgun
i think i have the same one, cool
y the hell you u pay so much for your guns my gun was $60.00
airsoft10177 years ago
both of those guns are only like 200-270 fps not trying to make you feel bad but look into buying an aftermath KIRINEX for $150 mostly metal higly reliable and cheap heres a photo... or mabe not cant det it to upload gogle it!
Lftndbt10 years ago
And another tear gently breaks the edge, of every Australian male's face as he sighs with despair... ;*(
sniper99 (author)  Lftndbt10 years ago
Wait, What?????
Lftndbt sniper9910 years ago
Need a firearm license in Australia to own one... :(
that sucks

so buy a license and airsoft your heart out dude!
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