I Need a Strong Knex RubberBand Trigger!!!!!!

I need a good strong knex trigger that can hold a heavy rubber band for my new gun. Please help me!!

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Hitman 79 years ago
it says there is an error
drummer ian9 years ago
check out my crossbow
i did but because my band needed to be behind my trigger yours didnt work
well ive got nothing lol
smidge1479 years ago
ok loose wire your not on msn!hows you gun thing you sent me a picture of?
well iv put that gun on pause for the moment as my creativity it taking a different turn, but i will finish it
Easy Button9 years ago
ya i need one too cause the sear system isnt working for me
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 9 years ago
btw the size does not matter