HI everyone, im from australia so bb guns are not redily available, but i want 1. i have an idea on how i would go about making 1 but im not sure if it would work or not. iv got a picture so if anyone has made 1 or could tell me how to make it work it would be greatly appreciated!!

Picture of I WANNA MAKE A BB GUN!!!!!
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ANDY!7 years ago
i like slingshots and boomerangs better
zascecs7 years ago
Why not just order one of the internet?
hamptonni7 years ago
it would work but it would not be verry powerfull
Kryptonite8 years ago
That should work, just make sure your trigger mechanism is up to it!
tesla coil9 years ago
It looks like a German MP-40 Machine Gun With the ammo clip & all.
You can't get a BB gun in Oz? Christ I thought England was bad.
fidgety29 years ago
go to advanced spuds.com or spud files click on their bbmg section prepare to be amazed.