I ain't as dumb as they want me to think I am...

As some of you know, I left my job at Christmas to return full time to school to get an engineering degree, I'm kinda clever ;-), but my first full time semester was full of suck. I took Thermo, Dynamics, Solid Mech, and Chem for Eng. Chem for Eng was a joke, I never attended class and got an A. Thermo, the teacher, it was his first time, I learned from the book, got a B+ Dynamics, the teacher was a grad student, and he was incredibly passionate about teaching, great class, harder than hell, got a B. And then there is Solid Mech. The grade has been a sword of Damocles hanging over my head, I was doing so poorly that I even registered to take it again in the summer, the first test, I got a 39, and that was greater than one sigma below the mean. Well folks, I just dropped that summer class because I got a C. Yea freakin' ha!!! I never thought I'd be this excited to be average. LOL. So now I have all summer, only one class (materials) and maybe a part time job, expect to see more (low cost) instructables. Ghod, right now I feel awesome.

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jack85599 years ago
I never had trig, but proficiencied out of the class on the 3rd day... simple stuff really.
caitlinsdad9 years ago
I remember getting test scores in the 10s and 20s for my first mechanics courses. That was pretty good considering the real geniuses and cheating circles threw the curve off for the scoring. Thank goodness they invented statistical analysis to take care of that. I guess they design those exams to be hard to teach you survival skills if nothing else.
heh. Fond memories of of Physics GH250 when the prof said something like "I normally design my tests to have an average score of about 60%, but these grades were really low." (IIRC, the class average was 40-something. I wonder if I still have that test in storage? Not that it matters; last time I looked at one of my (3rd year engineering) books, I couldn't even remember what all the operators meant...)
Tool Using Animal (author)  caitlinsdad9 years ago
On my first thermo test, it was open book, open notes, about 10 people printed out the solutions manual and brought that with them, they all got 100's :-(.
Half the score was being able to transcribe the formula from the book correctly (look up motion equation to describe a universal gear linkage). I was taking Calc 101 at the same time they expect you to know how to solve the equation. Good times, good times...
Tool Using Animal (author) 9 years ago
Wow, I'm not sure how I feel about this, apparently so many students went to the professor and complained about their grades in Solid Mech that he redid the curve, now I have a B, I didn't earn it, but now I have it. Yea, grade inflation, I guess. It's possible he just dropped the first test altogether, something he suggested he might do when I visited him to see whether I should drop or not after getting my test score of 39.
Goodhart9 years ago
Yes, it would be, you are on the other side of the "line" :-)
Make it good then... just get it ready then show it, I've gotten great feedback about my latest 'ible and that took weeks because I had no photos so waiting for the camera and kept making it better and tidying the whole thing up...
Tool Using Animal (author) 9 years ago
It's quality that counts, aim for one good instructable, and then aim for the next good instructable. Personally, I have 45 ;-)
Ah now most of mine are quality projects...
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