I am going to give up Instructables...

Hell no! I will never give up Instructables! However, I am getting far too addicted to Instructables and I cannot concentrate on my projects...
So I need to take a break from instructables, that means I will be inactive for a while, maybe about a week or two.. I will begin being inactive when it passes 12:00 AM in San Fransisco.

So, bye to everyone who likes me... ;-(

I am back!

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acaz938 years ago
I once said that , instructa-fever is a hard to eliminate illness (well, at least for me )
It's not an illness. It's an addiction. Like crack, but worse. But with lovely, lovely side effects.
Including: Headaches (from Soldering) Diarrhea (from eating too much egg) Handy-ness (from using your hands too much)
I get tennis elbow from my soldering iron.
No, it's not an addiction... It's a... um... Well, indescribable, in a very good way. Eric will now be grinning with pride
Plasmana (author)  acaz938 years ago
iBurn8 years ago
DONT SCARE US LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9.6 Volts8 years ago
bye.... (sniffle)(sniffle)WWWWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Plasmana (author)  instructable doggie8 years ago
Why are you crying? I have been back...
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