I am telling you to STOP!!!

enough is enough. people keep posting religouse topics in the forums. aall its doing is having people debate about what the believe. this site isnt for religoen. create a group on here instead of posting topics about it. it is not where it belongs. people are just trying to start flaming wars and getting attention. so i ask STOP. who else agrees?

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Hmmmm religion causes destruction, it's a self destructive act of man on a whole, even if one's true... It also causes segregation and wars, I absolutely refuse to have a repeat of the troubles in a website
Don't make the mistake of blaming the Northern Ireland conflict on religion.

Sure, religion was used as a tool in the conflict, and the principle parties are aligned by different Christian sects, but their disagreements are not based on religious strife.

The wiki puts it well:

...but theology and religion (as opposed to communal identification based on religion) are not prominent in republican and loyalist ideologies.
I told you it plays a factor!!! there's now a republican group on instructables, soon the loyalists appear and bacome paramilitaries the I.V.F. Instructables Volunteer force and the I.R.A. Instructables republican army... See what happens... Nah it's just an american one but you never know who's going to have the next not so civil war..
hehe. You started my day with a chuckle--thanks.
I noticed that and I couldn't help it... God what would we do without off colour politcal jokes...
Funny that isn't it but religion is the main umbrella segregation Iget really mad at this point myself but people are firmly attached to the idea of protestant ulster and catholic Republic of Ireland, Ulster is the six counties of northern ireland for those who don't know and these are known a the occupied six counties by hardcore republicans. Now kids lets learn all the colourful slurs to be said and heard in northern ireland, specifically belfast and londonderry (derry to republicans)... The best funny bit is the fact that most can say, 'protestant or catholic' 'protestant' - I used this here because of the two sides catholics are considered the religious ones, oh the irony. 'do you believe in god?' 'no i don't believe in god' I never blamed the conflict of it all on them there religions... But as far as segregation goes religion is one of the most powerful ways to do it, and there's no middle ground, if you were jewish you'd get two kickings just because you're not one of that side therefore you're the other...
Of course religion is 'in the mix,' but it was injected deliberately into the situation. It wasn't the root cause.

But I won't (can't) lecture to someone with such proximity. I'm sure you're more educated than I on the historical and cultural implications.

But in a wider sense, I do agree that religion (or perhaps religious ignorance) has been the direct cause of much suffering. However, even on a historical global scale, perhaps it should be acknowledged that religious conflicts have been used cynically by persons of power to achieve non-religious goals...
Yeah i just used the troubles as an example, more specifically it's now where you walk through somewhere and if someone asks you what you are you damn well better be the same as them... Or you're getting a kicking. There's way less of it these days but in the most fiercely loyal areas, you may get alot more of a kicking. On the upside it all keeps crime down via paramilitaries, you nick cars you end up crucified on a fence (that happened for a bad thief, don't wory he lived) you do graffiti you get threatened and better not be caught again, on the upside if your good you might be asked to paint a mural...
It is always easier to see the dark side of any picture. :-)
Not always but yeah pretty much, when you weigh it up the great acts of strength of religion are almost alway in the singular, when it comes to killing in the name of religion, everyone buys in bulk
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