I am unable to delete duplicate unpublished guides

There is no way to delete duplicates or unwanted drafts. Can someone help?

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wilgubeast4 years ago
Yes. I'm sitting on 43 unpublished collections and have many I would like to delete. Anybody else suffering from a cluttered set of draft collections?
blkhawk (author)  wilgubeast4 years ago
Please delete the two I have! It is there a possibility that a button could be created to delete those in the future?
"Delete draft collection" feature requested! Now we'll see when it gets released.

For now, our draft folders will be inelegant and cluttered. (The workaround that I have used in the past is to just retitle the collection to something new, add some projects to it, and pretend like I meant to make it that way along.)
brandydbomb4 years ago
Uh, help? Still trying to figure out how to delete this stuff.
blkhawk (author)  brandydbomb4 years ago
I feel your pain! I still can't delete mine! :-(
I saw this last night too! Forwarding on to the right folks now. :D
blkhawk (author)  jessyratfink4 years ago
Thank you very much! You guys are super!