I believe my inability to subscribe is only temporary....


Within 2 days, I should have the funds, and be able to mess about with PP to see if I can use that, otherwise...(I will try to confirm my PP account). . .

Edit #2

Grrr, to avoid any extra fees, I have transferred the amount into a PayPal account, so in 3-5 days, it will be available to make payment for 2 years.

*sigh* another 3 day wait....

ALSO, thanks everyone for confirming that I have not yet lost my mind or have started to imagine things. :-)

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I'm not allowed to...
me either you are not alone
Goodhart (author)  acidbass7 years ago
they are offering 3 month subs for simply making anything, if your name comes up. Entering one of those should be easy enough :-)
name comes up where?
Goodhart (author)  acidbass7 years ago
oh thanks
Goodhart (author)  bassclarinet238 years ago
Oh, sorry to hear that.
Yeah, I am grateful that free members still can participate in this website.
Try entering a contest and maybe win a subscription.
I suppose that would work, but I'd have to make something contest-worthy, which I still have yet to achieve. I don't really mind missing out on the extras, but it'd be nice to try some of them and to support the site.
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