I bought a Pro Membership, it shows up on my profile, but it will not let me download an ebook.

I bought a Pro Membership, it show up on my profile that I am a pro member.  I have downloaded one ebook, but it will not let me download another one.  Why not?

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Knclbstr5 years ago
I'm having the same type of problem. I am a pro member, I've logged in with my username & password & am trying to view the PDF of an instructable & open it into iBooks on my iPad. I was able to do this successfully, many times, just a few days ago. Now, each time I tap on the PDF icon, the "Upgrade to Pro today" box pops up & it even shows that I'm logged in at the top right of the screen. Just to see if it would work, I entered my username & password & when I tap on login, it returns to the exact same box. When I tap on "You", at the top right of the screen, it takes me to my membership information where it shows that my pro membership has been paid for & doesn't expire till June 2014. I tried to logout & log back in, I closed out the browser & reloaded it, I cleared my cache, cookies & deleted my history, I even turned my iPad off & back on to see if that would help & nothing has made a difference. If you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate some feedback. I'd really like to know why the system isn't recognizing that I'm a pro member.

Thank You,
Thanks for letting us know, you should be getting an email or PM from us soon about your account!
On your Pro Membership tab under "Membership Details", does it show a "started on" date as well as an "ends on" date? Or could you be looking at "Unredeemed Memberships"?

If its under "unredeemed", you'll need to click the link to activate it.

If that's not the problem and it shows a start and end date for your current Pro Membership, then you'll need to email staff at: service@instructables.com
Great thought & I appreciate your quick response to my delima. Under "Membership Details", I do have a "started on" & "ends on" date for my current Pro Membership.

I'll email the Instructables staff & post an update on what I find out so that anyone else, that might be experiencing similar issues, can benefit from it as well.

Thanks again for trying to help & your quick response!!

You're welcome. Staff is pretty good at answering emails in a timely manner, and should be able to solve the problem. I agree that posting the results (even if it just means emailing staff), is a good idea in helping others with a similar problem.

It could be a problem with that specific e-book. Can you get another one to download? Which one is giving you trouble?
cggoodwin (author)  Penolopy Bulnick5 years ago
Yes, I have downloaded two e-books. It is the Easy Paracord Projects e-book with 20 projects in it. How do I notify someone that there is a problem with it so it can be fixed?
I can let them know. I want to know if we are having the same problem first. Does an error message come up that says "This XML files does not appear to have..." when you pick either epub or pdf?
cggoodwin (author)  Penolopy Bulnick5 years ago
No, those buttons do not show up like they do on the other ebooks. When I go to the view instructables button and click on it, I get taken to a page with a button that says download ebook. But when I click on it, I get returned to the page I was just on, where the epub and pdf buttons are supposed to be.
I think I know what's going on. If you click this link and click on download ebook, you should see the download buttons below the intro text.

Conversely, if you click on this link, and click on the download ebook, you won't see those buttons (well, you'll see the very bottom of them).

If you look back and forth from one page to the other, you'll notice the second page has a longer text introduction. For some reason, on certain browsers, the longer text is changing the height of the div and covering those buttons. It shouldn't be covering them completely though. You should be able to see slivers of buttons just below the intro text. Those buttons will still work.

We're currently working on fixing this problem.  If you're seeing something different then what I've described, please let me know and include screenshots so I can see it and pass it on. Also please let me know what web browser and os you're using.

Thank you.
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