I can download PDF's as a free member

I've been here since April of 2009, and I've stayed updated to what the site in general has been doing. Ever since the "pro" account launch, I've kept reading over and over that you can't download a PDF as a free member and that only "Pro" members have access to this feature. I, however, could still download PDF's w/ out having to sign up for a "Pro" account. Are there exceptions for old-in-a-way members or something?

I'm just curious as to why this is so...

mikeasaurus3 years ago
Users that were registered with the site before initiating the "Pro" feature have some abilities that are grandfathered to their current status. Downloading PDF's is one of them.
nutsandbolts_64 (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
Oh, so if that's the case... Thanks for the heads-up.
MelPhleg1 month ago

Yah, I could download pdfs w/free account last year. Now, I gotta pay for an account I don't have money for?? The idea of DIY was to save money, be frugal, etc, not spend more.

You can easily get a free Pro account, just publish an instructable that's cool enough to get featured. You also need to keep a closer eye on the forums - two different members recently gave away twenty free memberships between them.

Tankmohit113 years ago
I think u can.first of all open the page of ur instructables them click on 'view all steps'.after all steps a new tab of ur browser nd go to the site ''.then copy ur instructables page address and paste into the box of pdfmyurl then hit enter and u will get pdf for free

I tried that. It doesn't work, at least not w/any pdf viewing program I have.

Hm, well, it didn't work with one instr, but did work w/a diff one. weird.

BIGED1471 month ago

That was a bad ideal I have but a member since 2009 myself and I can't download any more I will say what I like to because this is I like it here and up to 2/1/2015 I could download

gene3283 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Go PRO today and you can fill your boots with PDF's!
k, can i borrow $40.00
You can easily win one by creating a great Instructable and getting it featured.

will u feature it?

hmmm. I just might. I got a sony dvd player (yuck) but I think I might know whats wrong with it, if I find out for sure, I'd like to stick it to sony and help any fellow nerds out as well. I'll ba back someday when I find out what is worng with it.
That clear that up then
nutsandbolts_64 (author)  gene3283 years ago
You have to actually buy a PRO account. There /are/ a few bugs in the system, in case you didn't notice.
tony541 year ago

Some suggestions

Your old start page was better, it's hard to find the search, it looks as if it's part of a video and not a search bar. At least keep a search bar on the top.

Also, there isn't any way to edit or delete comments, only the Flag option. I don't want to flag myself just fix or delete one of my comments.

It no longer shows my user name at the top only "You" instead, the user name was better instead of "You" which looks like a Default account.

Charging $40 for PRO, isn't all the advertizing enough. You will get more traffic if the site is completely FREE, charging for features only annoys people. How many people out there like Trialware or Nagware, kinda the same thing.

Search bar is on top of every page but the homepage. In fact, that search box on the homepage was in an effort to make it even more accessible.

Editing comments (after, say, misspelling someting) is a good feature idea.

No need to buy Pro. Every member of the site can publish a good project and earn a year of pro membership for getting featured. If $40 is a little expensive for you, you can skip the pro membership entirely and save projects for offline viewing by using our iOS or Android app (or the old-fashioned copy-paste or print-screen methods.)

Why list a sign in for free membership trial requiring e-mail, sign in and pass word if you're not going to honor a trial membership. Sort of dumb if you think about it.
The free membership isn't a trial, it's permanent - you can remain a member, at no cost, for as long as the site exists.

"Pro" status does not get you extra content, it just makes it easier to access the existing content (less advertising on the screen, PDF downloads), and means you can create better-looking content (there are more formatting options for Pro authors).

If you want to turn pro, but can't pay for reasons beyond your control (eg you are too young for a PayPal account), then just create something cool yourself and try to get it featured (every featured project earns you a three-month pro status), or keep an eye out in the forums for other members giving away free codes to turn pro.
seems as though the answer is NO, unless grandfathered. Not worth PRO. I will do xps prints instrad. nyah nyah to monitizers, get paid off something I want to buy or at least see ads on...
Iris_219903 years ago
Maybe this free PDF files doesn't work on members who sign up for free. or you can try this. PDF, i got a free trial version.
canucksgirl3 years ago
I would say that's a bug... however if you report it, I suppose you'll figure out what may happen. ;)
nutsandbolts_64 (author)  canucksgirl3 years ago
I know :)) Or maybe the Pro account system only works on members that have signed up on the day it was implemented and onwards?
It could be... I joined after Pro was introduced so I don't know if there's an exception there or not. You'd have to ask other non-pro members who've been here as long I guess.