I can't Upload a code to this AVR chip!?!!!!

I'm trying to upload a code to an atmega48p (on the chip it says atmega48pv-10pu) using avrdude and it just won't do it! It always says mismatch signiature, and I bricked one atmega48p already by bypassing it (somehow wrote over fuses and they're screwed). I'm under a lot of pressure and I need to upload this code asap! Right now I'm compiling the code as atmega48 because if I compile it as a atmega48p, I get like 92 errors in my code for some reason. I also upload it as an atmega48 because there is no option for an atmega48p. I know my programmer works because I can upload a code to an attiny85. NEED HELP FAST

Shinji8 years ago
Try Avrstudio. Also, Ponyprog is great for loading the eeprom.
gmoon8 years ago
For compiling, the latest versions of avrgcc and avrlibc in Linux would probably support it directly. Winavr might be a few months behind.

Re: avrdude, check out this link. You'll need version 5.6 or up of avrdude for the programming to work correctly with the atmega48P. Again--the Linux version is probably up-to-date, but you might need to compile avrdude yourself (or get an executable somewhere besides winavr.) I suppose the compiler in Cygwin might work.
Hmm, I don't think I can help, But I can try to get some of my friends to help.